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Do you know how to get a pdf from pc to ipod touch?

Asked by Bilbo123 (165points) February 9th, 2012

When I downloaded some apps, it gave an error that means iOS3 on my ipod touch (3gs) is older and I ought to get newer iOS5. When I clicked yes to update and download, it first took me to download newer iTunes (10). I did so. Upon running the newer iTunes, it is asking to download another one, iOS5; and which is 600/700 mb. I ran out of my internet usage; and I cannot download so huge file now.

So after hearing to what I had been through, I ask you if anyone knows how should I go about to fix this problem? I need to copy some pdf ebooks (J.R.R. Tolkiens, for that matter) to my ipod touch. ipod touch runs iOS3. I cannot do it through wifi or internet; I have to transfer files from my pc (runs windows) to the ipod.

And, can I download iOS5 (or whatever newer most version) from my friends’ (that don’t have iTunes either), and install on mine?

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Here is the link to the download of iOS5 for a 3G iPod Touch.

Once you download the ipsw file you can select it in iTunes by holding down the ALT key when you click “Check For Updates” on this screen.

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You can always email a PDF from your PC to your iPod touch.

If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, then try downloading Dropbox. You’ll need it on your PC and on your iPod touch. It’s compatible with iOS 3.1.

When you place a file – PDF, JPEG, whatever – in your Dropbox folder on one device, it automatically is available on all the others.

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e-mail the PDF to yourself, and then then open the e-mail with the attached PDF on your iPod.

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@johnpowell Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hats off!
I searched internet and looked nearly every corner I could, but I couldn’t find that download. Dunno where on the earth did you get that! Million thanks! I guess that’s the way I should go about for now.

@robmandu Thanks. I guess, you still need WiFi or internet to let Dropbox work. I won’t be having net access for some days, neither WiFi, so can’t do it right now.

@nyboy718 Thanks. No net for now. sigh

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@Bilbo123, I’m just curious how it is you’re able to download @johnpowell‘s 625MB iOS image file without net access. :-\

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I recommend that if you want to make transfers simple, sign up for a dropbox account, download the dropbox app, and when you access your file you can view it directly from dropbox or transfer the file from dropbox to ibooks for viewing. The same can be done with google drive, but google has no program available yet, and I would then have to recommend using the application zeropc. Again, you need to sign up for it, but it is free up to a certain amount of gb’s. Dropbox has 2GB and you can earn more space by recommending the app to people, which I am going to apply the link here so we can both earn additional space, I have a little over 2.5GB from sharing the link and completing the website tutorial. Best wishes!


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