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Can anyone recommend an excellent suspense novel that isn't about gore?

Asked by Pandora (27195points) February 9th, 2012

I use to love to read suspense novels but when they started to be all about the gore, I dropped it and a busy life has kept me away from my passion for suspense novels. Now that I’m older, I find it hard to stay awake reading unless it is a really captivating story. Sorry to say I haven’t found that and the word suspense seems to be more about describing hideous events.
I love the new show Revenge. It keeps me interested all the way through and on the edge of my seat.
I’m hoping someone can recommend a book or an author who can keep me hooked chapter to chapter without a trace of sleepiness.

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Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and/or “Angels and Daemons” are pretty suspenseful and not particularly gory.

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The Joel Rosenberg series of books is superb, particularly “Dead Heat”

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Many of Michael Chrichton’s books are in that category, suspenseful but not gory:
The Andromeda Strain

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Maybe some Robert Ludlum?

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Rita Mae Brown

Not gory and the animals talk to each other, but not to their humans.

Two different “series” one with fox hunting horses and the other with just cats, dogs, etc. and the main character is Harry, hubby is Fair.

Murder mystery, not at all gory.

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Ken Follett

@SuperMouse . . . I love Ludlum.

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I also loved and recommend The Hunger Games.

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Older era: Alistair MacClean wrote suspense novels. Any spy book can be suspense, and thriller is the other term to hunt under. Did you check with your local librarian? Sometimes they will be shelved under Mystery, most of the time under General Fiction. Some Dick Francis are suspense rather than mystery. Stanley Ellin, Leslie Charteris, Agatha Christie, Dale Brown and Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, all the these have some suspense. Some are good, some not as.

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Care for a really neat suspenseful ghost story? Try The Ridge by Koryta. : )

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