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How do I get rid of cable and still get to watch tv and record shows?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) February 9th, 2012

I am researching a way to get rid of cable. I’ve been looking into digital to analog boxes, but there are so many and I’m not high tech. I get that they may be easy to work (I can program & set time on my VCR’s) but there is mention of different antennas and stuff to go with it.
I checked sites, and know I can get the channels I want. I also want to record shows on my 2 VCR (DVR would be great but that is another question), and it sounded like I needed a box or something for each VCR plus the TV.

(by the way, I LOVE that you can just throw out a question and get so many good answers!)

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If the tv goes, then the internet does too. I know you can watch thru Hulu and such, but I don’t want to do that, I’d like to still record.
I’m trying to cut costs should I lose my job, not get arrested for pirating! :)

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There’s no way you can watch tv without either a tv or the internet… maybe take up reading?

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@redhen4: Do you want to record to be able to keep to watch potentially much later from now? Because if you just want to be able to watch shows at a time convenient for you, Hulu Plus is great for that. Most of the shows I watch keep the episodes up for months. I say this because I got rid of cable to save a bit of cash as well and I watch Hulu through my xbox on the tv.

If, however, you want to record for some other reason say, to keep the tapes for years to come I’m afraid I can’t think of any way to help you. Good luck!

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I don’t have cable. I watch TV for free with an analog TV, a $40 converter box and a TV antenna. (The same TV antenna that has been on my roof since 1979)
My old VCR works if I run audio and video to the AUX inputs. It works great and it’s FREE!

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