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How would you form an if statement in a jQuery function, then call that function using a .click() handler?

Asked by GrayTax (551points) February 9th, 2012

I seem to be having trouble making this work:

I need to be able to perform a check on a css property of a particular element, and get the JavaScript to perform an animation based on the returned value.

The animation is working fine on its own, I just can’t seem to get the conditional to work; I’m convinced I have the syntax wrong or something but Dreamweaver isn’t throwing up any errors.

Any help is appreciated, and I can provide the script (as it currently is) if needed. Also I’m a complete novice at this…

Many thanks, jellies :D

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Can you show us what your current code looks like? Perhaps you could paste it to or and give us a link? It’s easier answer if we’re referencing the same things.

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This should be the file. Thanks for the link to github; I didn’t know about it before now!

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Huh, that’s kinda hard to read; here’s the same code with syntax highlighting and after going through a beautifier.

I’m currently at work. I’ll take a look later tonight.

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After working on it for a little bit tonight I managed to get it working. I’ve updated the gist to reflect the changes.

I’m not sure how to get the syntax highlighting on it though, sorry

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@GrayTax – you got there indirectly and glad it’s working.

The easiest way is probably just to wrap the call to your function in a generic function rather than all the code. Just to make it a little cleaner.

So something like

function stuff() {
// do stuff

$(’#basketlink’).click(function() {


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@funkdaddy Ah, good idea. I had tried doing that before but because the clauses in the if/else statement didn’t work (which I didn’t realise at the time) it failed. I gave up and eventually got it working as you saw, but completely forgot about making it cleaner!

I’ll be changing it tonight, so thanks! =]

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