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Care to list 10 of your strange/unusual/unique obsessions/interests?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 9th, 2012

1. The Underground Railroad (freedom for black slaves). I actually live a 150 year old house that was a stop on the underground railroad (Canada)
2. Jewish folks (I have a Jew fetish. Not sure where that comes from)
3. dreams of Central Park (I have had many a’ dream, although in my dream it looks nothing the real CP. I have been there. In my dreams, I feel at home))
4. Tiki mugs and ceramic oddities
5. Old fire escapes
6. old pictures of clothes lines in New York City, with women in curlers and a head scarf putting out their laundry -1950’s/60’s?)
7. vintage medical equipment
8. Gullah
9. sneaking into abandon houses/buildings. Old historic places in Detroit. Watch your back, though (for the po-po or a crack whore). My girlfriend and I not long ago snuck into an abandoned mental hospital in Northern Michigan. Lead paint peeling off of the walls, metal bed frames and patient files scattered on the floor in various rooms. I like the feeling that I get when we’re exploring these places. I try to picture what it was like for people back in the day. The asylum was cool and eerie.
10. Urban decay (old red barns – fetish again. The thought of having sex in an abandoned barn (barely hanging on) is a turn-on).

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Well, I don’t have 10. But I have a few.

1.) Right now, I suddenly have an odd fascination with origami (this is due to a murder mystery video game I’ve been playing in which the serial killer leaves origami figures with his victims). I have a couple of origami books and special paper on order from Amazon…

2.) Writing erotic horror stories. But most people here already know that :-/

3.) I build my own leather gear and dungeon furniture.

4.) I’m an avid video gamer when I’m not writing stories about abusing slave women :-/

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1) Warhammer 40k tabletop strategy game
2) I’m sort of a thrill seeker/adrenaline junkie
3) Checking condemned buildings or construction sites (I blame Italy for this interest)
4) A bit of a rare book hunter
5) Learning certain “black belt level techniques” w/out the black belt
6) Nihilism, I assume it’s a belief that isn’t very common
7) Interest in girls with dicks: mtf’s, strap ons, etc.
8) Climbing trees, no one around where I live really does that, and reading or taking a nap
9) Making random chemicals which may or may not end up somehow becoming an explosive
10) An obsession with HeLa cells

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I don’t have time for ten but I do have a couple:

1. Learning how to grow an herb garden inside
2. I am currently obsessed with figuring out how to get the capital to start buying and flipping houses (watched one too many shows in HGTV).
3. Making the entire world handicap accessible.
4. Learning Neuro-linguistic Programming

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1. crystals
3. getting out of this bad mortgage
4. Heaven
5. Survival

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Not all of these are unusual, but they’re certainly all something I’m obsessed about.
I love pillows. I’m obsessed about them. First and foremost, I love how they’re all soft. I love how they look, the noise it makes when you fluff them up or when you scratch them. I like the corners, whether pointed or rounded. I love the smell of pillows, whether new, or the acquired pillow smell it gets after a bit.
I hug them, put my face in them, make noises in them, throw them up in the air and make them spin. I’m not obsessed about pillows only when I go to bed. I can randomly decide to go to my room and mess with the pillows. It’s obviously a ’‘problem’’ of some kind, but one that isn’t negative. But I’d like to know how this happened…curiosity, mostly. I don’t want to fix this problem. Pillows are a form of comfort for me, physically obviously, but the comfort is also extremely mental, as well. I do kind of hide this from people offline. It’s easy talking about it online, but offline, well I may not have seemed so strange hugging pillows and messing with them when I was six, but at twenty nine, I might seem a bit deranged.
Most people do know though, and it has never had any bad impacts on me. Although somebody once thought it was a sexual thing, however, I remember having this pillow obsession long before I was aware of even having a sex drive. Unless it’s subconscious or something.
And also, a Jelly on here sent me four big pillows for Christmas this year; they rock. :)

This obsession also leads to other things; blankets, cushions, sleeping bags, comforters. But pillows are primary.

The name Gabrielle. I have absolutely no idea why. I think it’s because of Xena. It isn’t good or bad, it’s just bizarre. If I ever have a daughter, I’m not gonna name her that though. The obsession with the name is just too weird. I’d love to change my name to Gabrielle though.
I wonder if I could score a place as one of the most messed up Xena fans, but probably not. While the character herself is awesome, the obsession doesn’t derive from her. (Calisto is my fave, anyways) There’s this game on the 3DS called Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove. It’s one of em dance rhythm game things I don’t care about, but I wanna play it because it has that name in it. That’s all. And well, it has ghosts and zombies and shit so, that helps. Lol.

Zombies. Anyone who knows me already knows that. Not an uncommon obsession. To me, the passion is part of my life just as much as breathing is. Books, movies, art, video games, whatever. If it has zombies in it, I’m there. For as much as I love zombies, it’s actually hard for me to find a clear reason as to why. It’s probably pretty simple though. I love horror and gore, and how do zombies not fit that? (incidentally though, my favorite horror subgenre is slasher movies) I love all the scenarios you can make around zombies, and I find it fun to explore what would technically be a zombie, or an event with zombies.
While zombies can often be comical, (notice that after Michael Jackson’s Thriller, lots of zombie movies decided to exclude the word zombie from them, and usually replaced it with ’‘those things’’. This is because due to the video, zombies had been rendered synonymous with humor with people, that it failed to be anything actually scary) they can also really be scary. I mean think about it, if a zombie outbreak really did happen…imagine just ONE zombie, seriously…imagine hard.

I find it such a simple idea, yet it can go really far. Due to Romero’s movies partly, I was able to explore serious issues with the help of something I like that helped me understand his metaphors with the zombie relation.
Mostly though, they just rule. They’re engraved in me enough that it fucked up my dream database, and I regularly have dreams about zombies. That’s pretty sweet, I always feel comfortable and at peace, whether I’m being torn apart or watching them shuffle from a rooftop or something.

And @Jude, we got something in common; I love exploring places, too. I’ve never been in anything cool like an abandoned hospital, but I’ve explored my share of places when I was younger. Abandoned houses, an old ass warehouse, an abandoned factory, train stations. I also explored active places, churches, hospitals…hospitals have awesome basements. I usually got kicked out of those places though haha. I had a partner in crime who shared my passion, and we’d spend whole days looking for anything to explore. I’m joining my love of climbing to this, mostly because this also got us in trouble. XD Rooftops mostly, church roofs were our favorite. But we battled a radio tower, climbed underneath bridges and a crane, to name some. Our major rule; only climb man made things. We even had this quote. What man has created can be conquered; but don’t mess with nature lol. Or something like that, I don’t quite remember. I admit though, a lot of the stuff we climbed was extremely dangerous, and it was incredibly stupid on our part. Still, I’d it all over again. Often I see something climbable and I’m all like, man that would rock to climb this…then i start imagining how I’d do it, based on the structure and what I saw on it.

These are things I don’t do anymore though, because I don’t want to get arrested. Lol. But I’d jump at the opportunity to explore anything if I was sure I wouldn’t get in shit, and I’d love to check out a genuine abandoned mental hospital, school or hell…an entire abandoned town. That would fucking rock.

I got some few others, but they’re not really obsessions so much as they are interests or hobbies, and even if they were, they’re not so unusual anyway. (sects and cults, serial killers, Scandinavian mythology, video games) At least not in the way the things I mentioned here are obsessions. I did leave out horror movies, but since I already spoke about zombies…

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1)candles. literally have a closet full
2)my toenails always seem so dirty
3)gotta have at least 6 rolls of toilet paper in the house or else
4)sign language and I’m not deaf and don’t know anyone who is
5)I like to look in the windows of houses when I’m driving at dark just to see their “cozy”
6)stone church buildings. They creep me out with the cool carvings and they have great architecture
7)I hate hate hate anything that vibrates. Seriously, touch me with an “electric toothbrush” and see what happens to you. Is that an obsession?
And that’s all I can muster.

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@Jude can I move in and be you and your lady’s houseboy?

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I don’t know if its strange, but I sure feel like a dork because I’m obsessed with the weather. I could have TWC on in the background 24/7. I’ll take 100 pictures of storm clouds and stand outside during a blizzard because it fascinates me. I feel alive when a storm is on the horizon and I envy Jim Cantore.

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@jonsblond, you and another jelly who rhymes with Steffie are sisters from another mister. :)

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Fiddle, here is the missus and I on the beach (Lakeport, MI). We sent these videos to a fellow jelly who was coming to visit us from Cali. First video is Nikki trying to “sell the beach and it’s surroundings” to our guest.

Next video is my drunken attempt at sales.

Come to Michigan. Northern is MI is best, though. Real purdy.

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@Jude first of all, you guys are way too cute for your own good. Secondly, the scenery is beautiful. If/when I head up there, I’m gonna look you up!

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I don’t think I can manage 10 but here goes:

1. Second Life
2. Pre-Roman European history (Celts yay) – also art & mythology of the period
3. Pre-Raphaelite Art
4. Art-Nouveau
5. J R R Tolkien’s lesser-known work (Silmarillion, History of Middle Earth etc), especially that pertaining to elves.

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1. Paper notebooks and pens (I literally have hundreds just laying around at home)
2. Ramen noodles
3. Playing piano
4. Watching other people eat, watching food on tv and youtube and watching movies about food
5. I live for horror. Ghosts and horror movies.
6. Roswell coverup
7. Area 51
8. Lap dogs, such as Yorkies

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