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How do you make a difference?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33447points) February 9th, 2012

This site is full of intelligent, caring individuals. I’m wondering what you do to make good change in the world.

Do you volunteer at the library or a soup kitchen? Or do you donate to them?

What causes are you passionate about? What drives you to make those causes better?

Personally, I volunteer to help keep theater arts alive in my community. I’m on the board of directors of our local community theater organization, and I act and direct every chance I get.

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I frequently donate blood and I just had them put me in the national registry for bone marrow donation.

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I advocate for animals, energy, education, and I also allow my peers to use me as their personal therapist. I love people, animals, and education, so it makes it very easy to help them. I hate the consumption of fossil fuel, and how one day it will probably cause World War III.

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I volunteer at local organizations then drop food and money at shelters for both people and animals.

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I do all my internet searches through and they send money to my favorite charity for every search.

I also click on The hunger site every day to help fight world hunger.

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In lots of little ways. I could do more I am sure though.

I donate to a number of charities and not just money, but goods we don’t use, choices I can make about where I buy from and the like too.

I make sure we recycle. I plant native plants (and kill them accidently). I am trying to be more cautious about what I buy. If I don’t need it, I don’t buy it.

I would love to do more voluntary work for my community but I just can’t at the moment. It is on my plan though. I want to be sure I can commit do doing something every week though and I can’t do that right now. I do make a point of trying to be a mentor, rather than only teaching, to my students. It isn’t a huge difference, but I figure if I can encourage people to study and learn and help people to find ways to continue so they don’t drop out… they may go on to make a bigger difference than I am at the moment.

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Despite my nihilistic beliefs of nothing we do makes a real difference, I do quite a bit of volunteer work (it’s something to do until I get a job)

I volunteer with the YMCA, promoting healthy living and am helping out with an after school project to help kids expand their knowledge with books.

I have in the past volunteered with CAPC, a zoo, and the local homeless shelter.

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I have mostly supported the arts: symphony, opera, theater, art and art education. My work has almost always been in the service community, medicine and education.

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I recycle like mad, and I like giving change to the homeless, if I got it. I realize this isn’t really making a difference, but maybe it does a little, in some ways. I don’t know how much recycling can help at this point, if the Earth is as messed up as scientists say it is, but it can’t hurt.
Also I guess it’s pretty easy to give change to some homeless dude, but I don’t do it to make myself feel or look good, it’s because I just genuinely want to.
Otherwise though, I’m a giant prick. XD

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I volunteer with the RedCross three days/week, the Brain Injury Association once a week and often in my church. I’m extremely fortunate, and will never again HAVE to work, and I enjoy volunteering.

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I have become the go-to person on LBGTQ issues in my library and have created a web resource guide and a display for the library entrance on these topics. It is helping to bring a focus to the college on these issues.

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Besides my job, I participate in online astronomy education by live streaming telescope feeds.

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I abide by a personal philosophy I call altruistic stoicism. Basically, I go out of my way to help people I know even when all the evidence suggests they may just be using me, because I believe it is not worth the risk of not helping them when they actually may need it, even if there is a risk of me being tread upon.

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By questioning rules.

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