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How can I treat my hamster's wet tail?

Asked by Shuichi (316points) February 9th, 2012

So.. my teddy bear hamster has wet tail. I’m 99% sure he does actually. I read up on it and have had hamsters with it before but I treated them by washing it away and got results. Also it is most common in teddy bear hamsters. Teddy bear hamsters 3 months old get stressed being away from their mum and siblings and soon get it after seperation. I’ve had him a week today and Petco (the place I recieved him from) says they’ll treat him, but the catch is I have to return him for them to give him treatment and after treatment I have to buy him back, but if someone before me plans to buy him then he’s not mine anymore.. which is weird. PetSmart said that if I keep him clean and leave him alone he’ll heal on his own since wet tail is do to stress. This contradicts my knowledge on wet tail because it says with symptoms showing I need to take him to a vet immediately for treatment. It’s hard because here seeing a hamster just to tell me he has wet tail is 32–50 dollars PLUS treatment.. what should I do? Should I continue to clean him and hope for the best? Should I return him and risk not getting him back? Should I just buy the treatment and treat him myself?

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If you really adore him, I wouldn’t run the risk of not getting him back (And that seems just wrong of PetSmart). I don’t know much (anything) about hamsters and wet tails, but I would take him to the vet right away and give PetSmart the good old one finger salute.

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I’ve had a number of hamsters die of wet tail even after beieng to the vet. It is quite a serious condition; you should try the vet if you can afford it.

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Poor long haired fellow. According to a source I just read long haired hamsters are super susceptible to wet tail. I hope he is only suffering from mild symptoms. If you’re super down for him go ahead and send him to a vet. Also, double check environments next time and always wash hands before you handle them.

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What is ‘wet tail’?

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How is your hammy?

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What is ‘wet tail?

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@Dutchess_III It’s a bacterial infection. The hamster gets a wet tail from diarrhea.
You can read more on it here

Amazingly, I’ve raised dozens upon dozens of hamsters and none of mine ever had it.

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We had bought two for my son one year for Christmas and they both sickened and died within a day from wet tail.

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@janbb That’s probably why mine never had it. I rarely bought hamsters. I bred them. I also raised many mother-less litters for a local pet shop.

I do remember fromt he shop owner how devastating it was if one or more got it. In his case, he counted them as goners. At the time, vets didn’t often treat hamsters. The vets in our area were still doing mostly large animals.

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@SpatzieLover Yes – I later learned that they are overbred at Christmas time and very prone to it.

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