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How often do you use the services of the US Post Offices for sending mail/packages?

Asked by jca (35994points) February 9th, 2012

This question comes on the heels of the recent question about the demise of the US Post Office. One Flutherite answered that he never uses the post office for mail, bills, etc. I thought of my own usage: Christmas cards, birthday cards, occasionally a letter or two here and there. I don’t use UPS or Fed Ex because USPS is way cheaper.

I started wondering about other Flutherites and how often they may use the services of the Postal Service to send (I know we all receive mail so it’s a given that everyone receives mail).

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I frequently mail and receive packages, but it is often done through UPS, not USPS.

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I have been to the post office 3 times this week. That’s not normal, but the fact that I can makes me happy.

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I send and receive packages through the USPS often. It’s the cheapest way to send things between Hawaii and the mainland. I also still pay a few bills by mail, so I use that as well.

I don’t send cards that often, and I gave up writing letters in favor of email years ago.

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I forgot to say my husband keeps a Post Office Box for his business mail, and he picks it up there two or three times a week. It is much cheaper there than in a for profit business, like UPS.

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Daily. I have an eBay biz. I send out at least one package per day. Typically I spend a few hundred dollars per month. During the holiday season, I typically fill 3 to 6 bins per day.

I also send cards, letters and my son’s artwork to family.

I find the service phenomenal for the price.

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I send mail at least three times a week.

I do legal work, and USPS priority mail is the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to send documents AND they give us delivery confirmation.

At home, I use it for selling eBay items. Again, priority mail is the easiest, cheapest, fastest way.

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I still write actual letters & so I use the mail frequently, & I also mail small packages because it is so much cheaper than using Fed-X or UPS.

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I use UPS mostly.

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Most of the time. Probably just because I am used to it. Although a FedEx/Kinko’s is right across the street from the post office and the UPS office even closer [all are walking distance—I live on Capitol Hill where such services abound]. However about 85% of the packages I receive are UPS or FedEx. The UPS route driver knows my name which is more than my postman does.

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Just a note to those of you who will pay more to use UPS or FexEx instead of USPS: both UPS and FedEx mail many of those same packages (that you paid extra for them to ship) through the postal service.

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It’s true that many UPS parcels are dropped off at the PO to be delivered “the last mile” by a mail carrier.

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I Use the UK equivalent (Royal Mail) on a daily basis at work. For home use, only for Christmas and birthday cards, so… about 20 pieces of mail in December and one or two a month during the rest of the year. My office sends out about 200 items a day by Royal Mail.

I have only one annual bill that I need to pay by a cheque in the post because the company concerned hasn’t got with the 20th century yet, never mind the 21st.

In the UK, private carriers like UPS won’t take letters from members of the public. They take only parcels and business accounts.

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Often. I still pay most of my bills by check that I mail, and I mail packages.

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UPS and Fedex are overpriced, and it’s literally the same service (Fedex even uses the USPS in some areas). The only spots where UPS and Fedex can end up being cheaper is in some of the larger package sending, they’re not even close on regular letters and such.

As far as sending stuff, I mail out probably half of my bills.. so 4–6 a month. I also receive stuff probably on average 1–3 items a month (usually a bunch at a time then a while with nothing).

There’s something pretty amazing about the fact I can put a letter in a box here in Columbus, and someone will deliver it to a specific tiny box thousands of miles away… for 44 cents.

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I mainly use USPS. I run a small business, a portion of which is online sales. I usually send out 1–10 packages a week. As well as gifts to friends and family ‘cause I have a lot of far away people. Also for mailing contracts and payments for the conventions I do most of my business at. It allows me to keep shipping costs low for my customers.

I only use UPS for large heavy packages. I have a wholesale vendor that has me send them huge boxes of hats through UPS. They have to get there fast if we’re all on deadlines for shows. Also because they hold a UPS billing number so I just drop off the box and fill out a form and they pay for all the shipping costs when they receive it, which makes it so much easier to send things like that.

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Regularly—at least once a week.

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Once every two weeks for my unemployment checks. If anyone knows anyone hiring let me know! PM me!

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I prefer to use FedEx any day. I’ve had so many bad experiences with USPS losing things and items not delivered as promised. Fed Ex is so much more reliable and often cheaper .. employees are nicer too.

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^All items shipped with delivery confirmation for me have never been lost or damaged @JustPlainBarb.

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