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What are some food items to put in a birthday gift basket for a friend who's dieting and is on Weight Watchers?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 9th, 2012

I am going to see a friend for her birthday and I want to make up a gift basket as a birthday gift. She has a lot of stuff in her house, so she doesn’t need candles or mugs or anything like that. She just lost some weight, so I don’t want to tempt her with sweets and be the cause of her downfall. I could do some bath stuff, but I’m not sure what I’ll find in my price range and so I want to keep my options open. I might do a food/tea basket.

What food items might be good to put, if she’s dieting and is on Weight Watchers?

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Fruits or veggies would be good. It’s not a good idea to put sugar free, low fat items in a basket. The person might not like them and it just brings attention to the fact she is on a diet. What about flowers or a plant?
Here are some goofy things that I would totally appreciate: chapstick, hand lotion, mints, stuff that my close friends know I use daily.

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red wine, apples, strawberries, whole wheat crackers

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oh yea.. green tea is great too!!!

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Pears . . . I was going to start listing fruits and veggies but virtually any fruit or veggie basket would make me happy if I were on a diet! LOL

Maybe those weightwatchers boxed snacks, b/c they’re kinda pricey! That’d be nice to throw in the mix.

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Maybe non-food items would be more fun for someone who is wrestling with a diet every day?

Just a thought.

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Gift Cards for iTunes and/or Whole Foods would be thoughtful for someone looking to gain fitness and health.

Since she has a lot of stuff in her home, I suggest consumables of some sort. (something that has to get used up without creating clutter)

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@jaytkay I think diets like weight watchers have been updated to give you fruits and veggies for free. They don’t count towards their days points so dieters are more encouraged to eat those foods rather than skip them to use their points on other food itmes.

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What about a full on tea basket? Get a nice mug or two, a few boxes of nice tea, maybe a nice box of low-fat biscuits and a small bottle or pot of honey and/or non-fat sweetener.

Edit to add: It would actually be relatively easy to do a nice bath basket in your price range. Places like Bath and Body Works often have great clearance sales. You could fill the basket with travel-sized things so she could sample a range of flavors and products. In fact, it’s very common for places to give out coupons with purchases so you could split your purchase up to save a little extra cash. Also, these places tend to have “buy x get x” free sales. Let us know what you do, please!

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Add a smallish colorful/artistic/whimical notebook and pen—for jotting down ideas, keeping track of calories, etc.
A crossword puzzle book or fashion magazine.
Gift certificate for a mani & pedicure.

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Find a receipe on line for a really low calorie and fat snack and make it for her. Something that seems like cheating but isn’t.
I also like @mallei suggestion. When my daughter was loosing weight she likes going out and doing girly things. Maybe even a coupon for her favorite hair salons or maybe a pre-paid day to take fashion photos for a day for her to choose. It will give her something to look forward to doing when she’s reached her idea weight.

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They have sugar free lollies and chocolate but when I have eaten them they upset my digestion. Protein bars?

What about a nice cook book? I have made a few recipes out of this one which is designed to give you tasty, healty food options that you won’t end up wearing permanently on your arse!,-Minus-the-Boombah/isbn/9781740668088.htm

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^ cookbook is a great idea.

gift card to a nice fruit market. rice cakes. tea, a nice green tea

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I forgot to include nuts: almonds for example are super healthy when eaten in moderation. Just make it a fun gift and add your own personal touch. You have some great options!

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Sugar free Torani and Davinci syrups. You could make it a coffee or tea themed basket.—I couldn’t maintain my diet without those syrups and they are great in those skim milk weight watchers shakes.

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I would appreciate things that aren’t super unhealthy but that I don’t buy because they’re expensive and superfluous: cornichons, mixed nuts, dried apricots, etc.

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Maybe an Edible Arrangement.

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You could order her a nice yummy Graze box or two…? i got myself a free box the other week with a special promotion, but maybe this could be a nice little surprise? you could order her favourite things :)

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