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Do you really want candy or flowers for Valentines Day?

Asked by chyna (40001points) February 9th, 2012

Or do you want your S/O to get you something else? Or would you just rather ignore the day altogether?

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I’d like your idea on this chyna.
At min I go for flowers.

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I want good beer, good pizza and nekkid tickling.

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@Adirondackwannabe If I had someone in my life, I’d want pizza. :-)

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@chyna Not flowers?
I’d do both.

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@Adirondackwannabe Well I wouldn’t throw them out! But I would prefer food and time together.

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I would love both of those, but I like flowers too.

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I prefer my s/o to gently remind me that valentine’s day is coming up, so that I can spoil her as much as she deserves.

Left to my own devices, I may forget, cause I am an ass sometimes.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Just to help your S/O out, here is your reminder. :-)

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@chyna. I like the way you think, except instead of pizza I’d go with ice cream.
On potentially romantic evenings, I avoid anything that might result in bad breath.

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I’d want something that says something about the two of us. I can get candy anytime, flowers don’t appeal to me, good food should be all the time but a planned day, weekend, week together might do it for me. Jewelry might be good…

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I love flowers anytime at all, but I’m perfectly happy with a nice card that conveys a sincere sentiment.

And that’s what I always give him.

Actually there’s usually two cards: one silly and one sincere. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.

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I’d like it if I could just spend some time with her. The gifts, they’re not necessary to me, she’s all I could ask for and so much more… Except in the tush department but I manage. Lol :)

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Flowers are lovely, but I usually don’t get those on V Day. They just happen to appear at random times. For our very first Valentine’s Day together, my then-boyfriend/now-husband made me a special dinner at home. It was the first time he’d ever cooked for me, and I genuinely appreciated that. So that’s what he still does, and I really look forward to it… yummy food and a nice night at home with him. Oh, there are cards, too.

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I don’t really need anything. I usually get a card and that’s nice. I would prefer the flowers to be given more spontaneously. Rather than at a set time of year, when he thinks about me and feels inclined to give me a bunch of flowers.

I think I would rather go on a picnic or something. Just spend some time with him, doing something lovely.

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I’m a modest man from a humble background, i’d be more than happy with a blow job & a pork pie.

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Definitely not flowers. A few of my favorite chocolates sound yummy, but not at all necessary. I don’t care if I get nothing on Valentine’s day. A nice “happy valentine’s” and little kiss from my husband is just fine. Card is nice too. But, again, nothing is really specifically expected.

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I’ve seen the smile when I give the flowers. It’s almost as nice as the smile I get when I walk up to the farmers market in the summer and grab some flowers for her.

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I want both.

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We’ve already decided to get a heart shaped pizza as a treat. No flowers or chocolates necessary.

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Sexual favors

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I enjoy getting flowers, no matter the occasion. My husband has done everything from flowers and candy to expensive jewelry and romantic getaways. This year, though, we’re trying to save money for a down payment on a new house, so I made him promise to only buy a card.

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I think since I do birthday month in January, my husband is not very concerned with buying me something for Valentine’s. I did once buy him a Valentine radar detector for Valentine’s Day.

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Well considering how addicted she is to Lindt Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt (WWFC, Wal Mart stocks it), I think that and a card would be a big hit. If I throw in a back rub, I can name my price for what I want for valentines day! No, not telling.

Oh, and an original poem each year. There not great but she likes them.

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@choreplay Yes sir, I’ve had the sea salt chocolate and it is quite tasty!

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I always want candy.

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I’d love flowers very much, strange enough, I’ve never been given them ever on Valentine’s day and I don’t know why.

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