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Are corn tortillas healthier than flour tortillas?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) February 10th, 2012

I went to a Mexican restaurant today and when the waiter asked me whether I wanted corn or flour tortillas, I was not really sure on which one was healthier. Also calorie wise,,, how bad is it?

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Just so you know, in his mind it wasn’t a matter of giving you a health option so much as it was a taste option.

Corn contains more carbohydrates than flour though.

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I like both! I was just wondering. I usually go for corn.

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Corn torts are healthier.

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@punkrockworld Ditto here. For me like big burritos have to be flour, but mini tj tacos have to be corn :)

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It’s not just flour versus corn anymore. Most wheat tortillas are made with plain white flour, they are like the tortilla version of wonder bread. But now there are organic low carb whole wheat tortillas that are pretty good, and healthier than corn tortillas.

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@FutureMemory What are you basing that on?

I agree with @zenvelo.

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If the corn tortillas are not a corn/wheat mix they are gluten free for those with celiacs, so it depends on what you are trying to avoid.

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Flour tortillas have double the calories and carbs, 4x the fat, way more sodium.

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Corn, despite being considered a vegetable, is full if starch and carbohydrates that break down into sugar. It is not a recommended vegetable for diabetics for example.

So corn tortillas may be healthier than flour-based ones, but I think it’s by inches. And I wouldn’t consider them “healthy” in general.

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Corn every time. With flour, I feel like I am eating Mexican food wrapped in a slice of white bread and I do not like white bread. It turns to starches and clogs your arteries.

It’s corn all the way. Corn has a much better taste.

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@cprevite as you said, corn may be eaten as a vegetable, but it is not a vegetable. It is a grain, like wheat or rice or oats are grains.
It depends on how the flour tortillas are made, they may or may not be healthier than the corn.

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My flour tortilla have fewer carbs and calories than corn, but I acknowledge that they are not available at restaurants.

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