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Does anyone here use yoga as their main form of exercise?

Asked by lemming (3913points) February 10th, 2012

I find that doing a little exercise – enough to break a sweat- everyday is really good for my physical and mental health. I currently do a few minutes of yoga, just to stretch, and then go on a ‘stepper’ for twenty minutes. Could I substitute the stepper for more yoga? Because I’m going away for the summer and I wont have my stepper with me.

If you do, please share how long you do it for, and like, if it’s salutes to the sun that is the main part, or any info would be great, thanks!

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They are both beneficial but not interchangeable.

During the summer, run up and down stairs, walk briskly around the block or find some other form of aerobic exercise.

As long as your legs are going with you, continue with both. I do ten minutes lying on a heating pad and then ten minutes of yoga. Then 45 minutes on the tread mill. (Every other day.)

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I do yoga and tango as my main form of exersize.

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Yoga X (P90X) every Thursday.

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@lemming Substitute the stepper with walking and a jump rope. Keep up the yoga. :)

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I do yoga hor an hour and a half 4–6 days a week. I’m a slacker though so I have to go to class and be told what to do. I also go to a trainer 3 days a week.
I agree that brisk walking is a great way to get your body moving when you can’t comply with your routine.
The idea is to keep moving! Whether it’s walking, jumping, dancing, using equipment or not, just moving your body through space is beneficial.

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I should do yoga to become more limber but I like to run and swim so they are my main forms of exercise. You should give them a try instead of your stepper, you can walk or run anywhere and usually there is access to a pool too. And I agree, keep up the yoga as well.

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