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If you were only allowed to take a single supplement, what would it be? Why that one?

Asked by saint (3970points) February 10th, 2012

I do not mean a single multi vitamin tab, or a combination like Calcium-Magnesium.
I mean one single supplement-Individual vitamin, herb, mineral, whatever. What would it be? Why that particular one?

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The only supplement that seems to be consistently touted for health benefits is fish oil, as far as I can tell. Seems like everything else has conflicting research results.

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Whatever herb pain killers is. ~

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For my mental health I would take an additional 6 weeks of paid time off per year to be spent tending to activities I find relaxing and enriching.

I’m guessing my stress level, along with my blood pressure, not to mention my general outlook on life would show remarkable improvement with such a supplement.

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Oy. I am extremely dificient in vitamin D and Iron without supplementation. Actually, I have been borderline dificient in B12 also. I have no idea why you are asking this question, but my advice always is not to guess, and not to just pop pills, get tested and see what you really need.

D I could go in the sun, and ruin my skin. I need more than that 15 minutes a day they preach, because I have tried it. My muscle pain is so bad when my D levels fall way below normal. Iron though is drastic for my health, strength, heart, stamina, probably the most important thing I take with immediate effects. But, B12 dificiency is pretty damned serious too.

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I take D. and my B is low.

I also like a circuflor, which is good for blood, diabetic weirdness.
It is is hard to narrow it down to 1.

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Calcium for women.

Vitamin E for men.

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Probably a daily aspirin—though it’s not for everyone. Everything else can be gotten through proper diet (and often in a way more amenable to absorption).

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This is a tough question for me. We utilize supplement therapy here for a large variety of reasons.

Personally, I don’t think I could live without Melatonin. Without sleep, I can accomplish little.

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I don’t take any supplements, though I could probably do with more melatonin.
@Keep_on_running Willow bark, I think, includes the same chemicals as aspirin – leastways we derived aspirin from willow bark. So if you’ve ever got arthritis and willow trees and no aspirin…

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@Nullo – I believe aspirin is derived from the bark of the aspen tree, not sure about willows (although they do make mighty fine baskets).

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I get enough of most things already so… Green Tea supplement I guess is what I’d take.

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@syz Agreed. I think I get a variety of essential nutrients just from basic foods. My body can function on that. However, I rarely eat fish…so fish oil would be a good choice.

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Fish oil because it is supposed to help to lower triglycerides and blood pressure. Also omega 3 is may play a role in keeping joints healthy as well as fend off mental depression. A cardiologist recommended that I take it.

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Vit. C
I’ve been mega dosing since my late teens and am convinced it has benefited me immensely in immune health, nice skin, few viruses and my bright eyed and bushy tailed countenance. :-D

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@Nullo and @YoBob Oh interesting, I didn’t know that.

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@YoBob Wiki confirms willow trees.

@Coloma Vitamin C is the water-soluble sort of vitamin; what your body doesn’t use (and that’s a finite amount) washes out. As far as I recall, megadoses of vitamin C aren’t harmful, just expensive.

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Thanks @Nullo – learn something new every day… ;)

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Fish oil. On tv, they asked a doctor who was describing a table full of supplements which one he would take if he could only take one.

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