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How could your life so far be judged, using a brief sentence in the style of a school report?

Asked by ucme (50021points) February 10th, 2012

Let me clarify, because that was worded like a train wreck!
Yeah, something along these lines…...Hard worker with good prospects but must try harder.
Ya follow? Good, then you may begin. As always, humour is actively encouraged.

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Fly by the seat of my pants and so far, I’m still aloft.

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B+his biscuits were terrible in Home Ec
B+he thought Georgia was in Canada
B+his artwork borderlined pornagraphy
B+he never dressed out for gym
B+his English needed a translater
A+ in conduct(He was a BSer, if you know what I mean).

Still Crazy After All These Years.

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Poor start, showing effort, still a pervert. :D

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Has a tendency to daydream.

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A late bloomer, but catches on fairly quick if given some extra attention.

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“rebbel can, if he wants.”

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-A struggler that makes many mistakes but learns from them.

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Not following the original projected path, could be more ambitious, but shows consistency.

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Humbled to the core, then blessed beyond measure. Still has not fulfiled her promise, but appears to be making an effort.

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Easily distracted. Must focus more if she wants to reach her full potential.

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Still hell bent for leather! : D

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Very smart, but gives up if he doesn’t get it on the first try.

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Seems to lack a direction. She tries.

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A waste of protoplasm.

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You do really well when you actually show up.

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Not working up to her full potential.
How the hell would they know what that is if I never did? Just wondering.

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Tries hard, is anxious to please, extremely conscientious but is easily distracted, lacks confidence and cries easily.

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Can swing metal bars around. We’re optimistic that can pay the rent, at least partially.

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Early years A+ [Excellent energy and shows great potential. She’s a spounge and great to have in class]]

101early mid years (20–35) B+ [ Works hard and has great enthusiasm. Needs to pay attention to details]

102 middish years (35–45) B [ Great attention to detail but can get confused sometimes.]

101 Middish years, (45-current) C+ [ . Keeps falling asleep at weird times. Is easily distracted and stares at baubles too much. Needs to either get a vacation or get more sleep,or we will take her down with a tranquilizer gun.]

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Not working to her full potential.

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Don’t give a fuck.

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I was always curious and asked a lot of questions.

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