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Are Subways meats all processed?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 10th, 2012

I tend to get heartburn from Subway sandwiches.

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I thought all lunch meats are processed. Poultry especially, is never real as it would come from the chicken, it is mostly ground up and glued back together. Ham is similar.

Do you get it from the lunch meat you buy yourself at the grocery store? I do purchase freshly made meats from the local deli.

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@rooeytoo Now that you mention it. Nope I don’t. I also tend to stick to ham or turkey at the local delis. At Subway though, I’ll go for Chicken, Italian Meats, Ham, and Turkeys.

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Yes. It’s pretty much all processed to one degree or another because they’re a chain and the franchise locations all have to be as identical and consistent as possible.

If they were going down to the local farmers market to get organic free range chickens locally grown, they would be something other than a Subway franchise.

Everything comes from corporate and is standardized totally. You’ll get the exact same sandwich in California as in Florida or Alaska.

This is true for the local franchisees of any other chain as well.

Fresh and minimally processed simply does not lend itself easily to an arbitrary lock step system such as a franchise chain.

The only possible exception to this that I know about MIGHT be Chipotle since the owner encourages local sourcing for veggies, quality meats etc. To what degree I’m unsure but I’ve read and seen interviews with him on this subject and his food philosophy is definitely far far different from something like Taco Bell. Pah. Spit spit.

I know for certain that a place like Chipotle doesn’t order from plants likely to be inserting “pink slime”

Google the term and read the NY Times article on pink slime. You’ll never order a fast food burger again. Fortunately this is limited to ground meat, not deli sandwich stuff.

But thats why I’ll never eat at Taco Bell.

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I was wondering the same thing when I realized that even the chicken breasts were all perfectly uniform. Som sort of processed and glued together concoction I’m sure.

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Yeah. Its a little difficult to grow chickens with uniformly sized breast meat :)

My catch-all term for this type of stuff is “Frankenmeat ” I think it fits.

I’m ashamed to admit that if I’m on the road traveling and half starved ill cave in and get the Meatball Marinara from Subway. What can I say? I just say a prayer and hope that the meat didn’t come from the type of processing plant which inserts the 10% of pink slime allowed. About eighty percent do. But theres really no way to know since the govt. Does not require it in labeling.

So theres a 20% chance its OK and the tomato sauce will just suffice to disguise the ammonia taste if not. At least its thoroughly cooked so no risk of E-Coli.

I hang my head in shame :)

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I prefer Subway to Macca’s, at least I don’t feel like a lead balloon hit my gut after I eat. I usually stick with turkey and I have a touchy belly but I have never had problems with indigestion after subway. But now that you have said it, I probably will, hehehe! And you are right, Subway in Australia is pretty much the same as it was in USA, even the decor. But here you have to pay extra if you want extra meat. In the USA before I left, part of their advertising campaign was that you can get it your way. Do they charge extra there now?

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Best bet…..don’t order meat ..just the vegs…
that’s what I do

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Yes all Subway meats are processed and have preservatives, salt, and usually sugar added to them. Even turkey which could easily be sliced from a natural turkey breast is made into a loaf for Subway, with many added ingredients. There’s so much salt added to the meat that one Subway turkey sandwich on 9 grain bread with lettuce and tomato (supposedly one of their healthiest sandwiches) has 810mg of sodium and a full quarter ounce of sugar.

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And speaking of Chipotle…

While watching the Grammys tonight, there was this charming little animated commercial with Willie Nelson singing for background.

Only at the end was it apparent that it was Chipotle. It was so cute, eye-catching and ear-catching but made a thoughtful point about healthy and sustainable food production.

If you go to the link, on the right side of their page, you can see it there are other short videos also.

I’d be interested in your thoughts, impressions on it.

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I was wondering if the chicken that subway uses is free range or if it is chicken grown in cages and can not move at all. Thank you for your answer

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