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How can people learn to solve interesting problems?

Asked by mattbrowne (31671points) February 11th, 2012

And how can parents, teachers, professors, mentors support such a learning process?

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Humans are born knowing how, but the process gets interrupted when parents and other care givers get too wrapped up in doing it right or wrong.

There are several sites using the term How to think like a Genius such as this one, or this one which give some great tips and exercises.

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Great links, @YARNLADY ! Thanks.

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Coincidentally, just now I purchased a few books on education, including Instead of Education: Ways to Help People do Things Better and Discussion As a Way of Teaching. You might be interested in checking out their tables of contents.

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It’s learning to forget the limits and let the brain wander where ever it wants to. I’ve come to the best solutions when I let it go.

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Two ways:

Ditch calculators and stop asking for help from the people on Fluther.

Its your brain, so use it!

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I think possibly through games, or the principles used to design games. Are you familiar with Jane McGonigal’s work?

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@john65pennington I disagree – never stop asking everyone you meet or encounter on the internet. The more sources you have, the more new ideas you will discover.

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