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Why do the pictures my digital camera take have orb like things in them?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) February 11th, 2012

I have a fairly new Kodak M590 digital camera, since I started taking pictures with it Ive noticed that the majority of them have these floating orbs that ruin the pictures. Why does that happen and how can i fix it?

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Can you give an example of said orbs? This happens with my camera sometimes when the sun is at the “right” angle – it creates these yellow-y and orange-y floating balls. If the spots are black, however, there is probably a crack in the lens somewhere.

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I believe it is dust too close to the lens that is way out of focus.

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If there is dust behind the small glass casing that holds the lens how would i be able to clean that?

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True answer – Ghost hunters believe those orbs to be ghosts or spirits in the room or area that you are taking the picture in. I don’t believe in this myself, but I did go on a ghost hunt in a closed federal prison and took lots of pictures. Only a few of mine had orbs in it.

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theres a picture from a Crystal Castles show i went to, a lot of the pictures have that. Im not sure if its from the lighting effects but i also have pictures of my friends not close to the stage or crazy lighting at all and they also have them.

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Have you tried to clean the lens? That looks like dry water spots.Get a good lens cleaning cloth, otherwise you will scratch the lens.

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I wonder if that might be condensation on the inside of the lens. I would think that the OP would have spotted (bad pun) marks on the outside of the lens.

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I cant get to the lens because of the glass thing over it that most digital cameras have, ive always cleaned/wiped off the front of camera before i use it.

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It appears to be a problem with light. My guess is the problem is with the CMOS. No amount of cleaning will fix it. It needs to get replaced. You got a lemon.

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