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How long can a spider stay without food?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) February 11th, 2012

I observe some of these wall crawlers in the corners of my room and I see them day by day hanging in their webs and only occasionally a fly or other insect would get trapped inside, but most days their webs are empty. It says to me that they can spend along time being hungry. How long exactly can a spider stay hungry?

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I’ve heard of studies where a tarantula wasn’t given any food.. just a modicum of water and they lived for 2 years. Spiders don’t move much, slowing their metabolism and requiring less nutrients be put into their bodies.

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Yes, I think that @digitalimpression nailed it. There might be some variation in certain species but a good meal can last most spiders many weeks or months.
I just discovered a baby black widow behind a picture in my bedroom yesterday. It’s still there, I am going to go for the catch and release, relocate it to the barn. I love spiders, my favorites are the jumping spiders. This little guy can’t be getting much to eat in my bedroom and yet, there it hangs, waiting, waiting….lol

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Excellent :D

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I agree with the first answer.

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