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This is a potty question.

Asked by sliceswiththings (11666points) February 11th, 2012

I can’t really think of a succinct way to ask it…sorry!

I’ve been having ongoing stomach issues following a parasite contracted overseas, and I recently saw a great gastroenterologist. I’m following her suggestions, except one, which I wanted to ask you Jellies about:

She recommends having a hot drink with breakfast, having a bowel movement, then avoiding hot drinks for the rest of the day. This is to help the individual have regular and complete movements. (Sorry, I love that movement!)

The problem is, I have to have my morning herbal tea (to hide the bitter taste of Grapefruit Seed Extract), and recently I’ve been really digging my afternoon latte or hot chocolate. As a wintertime street musician, it’s sort of a necessity. Do you think this “one hot drink a day” business is helpful enough to be worth giving up the spot-hitting second one?


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Everybody has different needs. I would , since I’m non=compliant, have the hot drink and a bowl of oatmeal. That outta do it. Then I’d have a hot drink in the afternoon . MD’s really don’t know a heck of a lot about this kind of problem. What they really excel in is testing. Let them do a few tests per month and they’re happy and quiet. lol

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Tell me about it. If I see another plastic tube with my name printed on it (which I most definitely will), it’s not going to be pretty.

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Luckily I’m in Scotland so oatmeal=every meal :)

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She is your doctor. I would follow her directions. My daughter had a parasite from food on a cruise ship and its a serious situation.

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Do you know which parasite, @john65pennington? How long has she been afflicted?

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(Just curious, not trying to compare hers and mine!)

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If I were you I would follow her guidance for a week, and if it doesn’t help, then go back to drinking hot drinks whenever you want to. At least give it a chance though.

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@sliceswiththings Just to clear this up, did she tell you not to have another hot beverage? Or not to have any hot drink?

I’ve not heard this ever before. I’m thinking what she meant was to not have caffeine more than just in the AM. Caffeine triggers the contraction of the colon. If you keep triggering it throughout the day, you will certainly have more, less complete movements.

Have you tried taking probiotics yet?

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As a rule, parasites are easily eliminated from the human body. If your gastroenterologist is starting unconventional therapies (grapefruit seed extract?) I would consult with another doctor.

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The parasite is gone (at least it hasn’t showed up in the last four months of testing). This is just residual digestive difficulty. The GSE has helped more than anything else!

@SpatzieLover Any hot drink. I don’t have any caffeine as it is (just the little bit that’s in decaf).

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