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How can you obtain a gun in Australia legally?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) February 11th, 2012

I want to buy a gun when I’m 18 and I want to obtain it the legal way and not the illegal way. I would like to obtain a handgun for sporting use. Can you tell me how to obtain a gun and please keep it as simple as possible?

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Unfortunately, Australia is hard on its firearm enthusiasts; any process is going to be complicated.

You’re going to have to start by getting a license. eHow offers this procedure, as well as this one.

After that, I suspect that you’ll buy your gun from a gun store. If so, they’ll tell you what comes next.

You might check out the gun politics in Australia and the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia to see if they have any tips.

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I was just about to point you in the direction of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia The web page I have attached tells you what you have to do to own a handgun in Australia.

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