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Christians Only: Why do you believe there shouldn't be same sex marriage?

Asked by auhsojsa (2516points) February 12th, 2012

I want a clean debate here. I’m a Christian and I know we don’t have the right to oppress, judge, or order someone what to do. Why don’t we just live our lives and lead by example instead of trying to control everything around us?
Why do we, for the most part oppress same sex couples?
Why are you against same sex marriages?
Why are you for same sex marriages :) ?

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“Christians only…”

(Sound of crickets chirping)

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I’m a Christian. I do believe there should be marriage with marital rights for same sex couples.

Why? I’m for equal rights. I also believe that one should have complete control with the distribution of their possessions.

EDIT: I’m a Catholic That seems to matter here in Flutherland.

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Try Sodahead or City Data.

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I am against them for any of a billion reasons we’ve already been over on fluther in the quagmire of religious questions lost to time.

I don’t, however, oppress anyone. I don’t even know how to oppress someone.

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@digitalimpression You aren’t oppressing anyone, so that’s good. But people that share your beliefs and also happen to be in positions of power in government and with a lot of money are oppressing people.

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I agree @Blackberry. I make certain everyone knows I do not share this opinion.

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Lack of reproduction of children.

It takes two to tango, one man and one woman.

This is the only reason I have.

Love who you want to, I say.

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@Blackberry The problem is, that can be seen from both sides.

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@digitalimpression I completely disagree. There is NO Christian opression in the USA.

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@digitalimpression So if you were in California which I am, would you vote that gays should have the right to marry or not? Or would you just leave that blank.

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Hold up, no. @digitalimpression, if you know so little about oppression that you can’t even identify ways in which it comes up, then you aren’t qualified to make any kind of judgment call as to if you are oppressing people or not.

Maybe you aren’t. Maybe you don’t have enough power to really do any kind of oppressing. But maybe you do – you don’t have to be a high-ranking government official to have power to oppress. Like, at your place of work, do you have hiring/firing capabilities? Or the power to choose if domestic partnerships get benefits from your work like married couples do? Maybe you work for a bank, and have the ability to not offer a loan to a gay couple that’s trying to move into a rich neighborhood? Would you refuse to write a letter of recommendation for a gay couple that was trying to adopt because they were gay? These are just a small portion of the ways everyday people have the power to oppress.

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@all Look at what is already happening. The hatred is already shining red hot. This is why (when certain people are in the conversation) I respectfully decline to partake. Have a good time everyone.

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@digitalimpression I don’t see it? This is a clean debate area only.

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@john65pennington, so should heterosexual couples who don’t want or can’t have children be forbidden from getting married?

@digitalimpression, where?

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What it all boils down to is marriage being both of religion and of government. And that simply doesn’t work in a country where the government is not supposed to support a particular religion. You want marriage to be only religious? Then make it so and get the government out of it. But as long as the secular government plays a part in marriage, then religious arguments against same-sex marriage are null.

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As a Christian I will neither condone or condemn marriage between same sex simply because I do not have personal knowledge of what it would be like to be forbidden to be who I believe myself to be.
Marriage is a contract between two people and it protects each others rights and allows each of them to give further rights to each other. An example would be, insurance, care taking, and care of children. I would probably not feel right about people getting married under the blessings of the church but I don’t have a problem with civil ceremonies.
This is not my only opinion on religious ceremonies. So many people today get married in the church as to simply have a big lavish fancy wedding. Few actually realize that it is not only a commitment to each other but to promise to live a christian life as a couple. For most its just a photo opportunity.

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@Blackberry: Our President is against gay marriage on a personal level but recognizes that it is unconstitutional to restrict people from marrying who they choose.

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@KatawaGrey President Obama’s public statements about same-sex marriage are probably a big political smokescreen.

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@KatawaGrey, where is the right of marriage or the restricting of marriage in the US Constitution.

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@bkcunningham “Marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our very existence and survival.” (US Supreme Court, Loving v. Virginia)

Now don’t go telling me that you didn’t realize the Supreme Court was in the US Constitution.

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Who says Christians are against same-sex marriage? Yes, some may read that in the Bible, but that is a question of who is reading the Bible. I think it is generalizing and ignorant to claim that Christians are against homosexual marriage. Yes, some Christians might be against it, some may not. Just like some atheist may me against it and some may not. It’s only a question about the person, nothing else.

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I am a Christian, and I support gay marriage.
I also believe more Christians support it as well, but the vocal ones oppose it.
We aren’t all assholes.

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@eiram The ones in California who voted for Prop 8 are against it. They went as far to reach millions of dollars to support a campaign to keep “marriage” between man and a woman. I’m not sure which state you are in, but according to my calculations, over 80% of the States are against same sex marriage. Furthermore, it is activist against same sex marriage that hide behind the Bible, for the most part. Of course there may be some atheists or non theists or whatevers against same sex, but don’t tell me it’s not mostly Christians…

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@auhsojsa Frankly I am not form the States at all, there are other countries in the world. I still stand to my opinion. It is about the person, nothing else. Yes, persons hide behind Bible, The Koran or whatever, we always need a reason and an argument and that reason and that argument may be the Bible, but it is still a question about the person.

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Fiddle….no, sexual choice is just that. But, somewhere down the road, one each is going to have to get together, in order to keep producing offsprings for future generations.

Sperm bank, anyone?

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@john65pennington true, but that’s sort of implying that everyone will eventually be gay if gay marriage is allowed.

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@auhsojsa I think that @eiram was saying that Christians aren’t overwhelmingly opposed to same-sex marriage, not that those who are opposed to same-sex marriage aren’t overwhelmingly Christian. Those are two different claims. Consider a world where there are only 100 people, 50 of whom are Christians. If 10 people in this society are opposed to same-sex marriage, and if all of 10 of them are part of the 50 who are Christians, then it would be true that most (indeed all) opponents of same-sex marriage were Christian and that most Christians were not opposed to same-sex marriage.

Now bring this back into the real world, where you have opponents of same-sex marriage coming from various religious backgrounds (e.g., Islam, Sikhism, or the Bahá’í Faith). In this world, you also have members of those religious backgrounds who are not opposed to same-sex marriage. So while it may be true that most of the opposition to same-sex marriage in the US comes from Christians, the issue is much more complicated than “Christians vs. same-sex marriage.” I think you are well aware of that, however, and that this is just a case of misinterpretation.

@eiram I do not believe that we should read @auhsojsa‘s question as saying that all Christians are against same-sex marriage. Indeed, he self-identifies as a Christian in the question’s description and then goes on to condemn those Christians who think they have a right to oppress others by denying them their rights. What we have here is a very common confusion that arises when someone uses a general term. When @auhsojsa addresses himself to Christians, he is addressing myself to those Christians who oppose same-sex marriage because those are the ones from whom he wants answers.

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@SavoirFaire Very good answer. You’re very right in almost everything you say here.

I would also like to say to everyone who think that the Bible is against same-sex marriage that that is only a question about who reads the Bible.

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The Bible says – paraphrased – “Don’t be gay.” However, I don’t recall seeing anywhere it says “Don’t let gays marry”.

Regardless, my belief is that the 1st and 9th Amendments, and indeed the original text of U.S. Constitution itself, protects the right of people to express themselves in life, in speech, in religion, and in marriage.

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@robmandu There’s a bit of debate over whether or not the Bible actually says “don’t be gay,” and to whom such a command might be directed if it really is present. That said, I agree that the US Constitution pretty much makes the issue moot.

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There should be same sex marriage, because any ban means hurting people who love each other.

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What he said ^

Even if you claim that you don’t oppress anyone, if you support organizations or people in power who oppress people, you are contributing to oppression.

This is why so many people vehemently oppose the very existence of religion: because some outspoken religious people want to impose their religious beliefs on everyone (such as using the law to prohibit same-sex marriage).

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I’m a Christian and I know we don’t have the right to oppress, judge, or order someone what to do.
That is one of the biggest tools the Devil has to get people of Faith not to know who they are and what is required of them. We do not get to decide of the fruit will be harvested but we do get to judge the crop as to if it is healthy or sickly.

Why don’t we just live our lives and lead by example instead of trying to control everything around us?
By doing the Great Commission and spreading the teachings of Christ; doing the will of God you are controlling someone? How? I can tell you not to light a match in the hay barn and not be controlling you, you are free to to so but if the barn goes up in flames, it was you who did that.

Why do we, for the most part oppress same sex couples?
The same way I would oppose swinger, adulterers, fornicator, etc. they are all practicing sexual immorality according to the Bible.

Why are you against same sex marriages?
It isn’t real, no more real than trying to marry a vacuum or a car. God doesn’t recognize it, and he did not create man and women to carry on that way. It is a lie trying to legitimize sin.

Why are you for same sex marriages
Because woman was made for man, the penis inserts into a vagina so that the sperm can reach an egg and life begins. God set up marriage between opposite sexes because through those families one can be fruitful and multiply. That doesn’t happen with a penis up another male’s anus or two vaginas working a dildo.

OK, as clean and civil, and hopefully plain, as I can make it. Bet it won’t stay that way from here out.

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