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Eating healthy/cutting out refined sugar, yet I crave something sweet, daily. What's a girl to do?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 12th, 2012

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and eating fruit doesn’t cut it.

Any suggestions (food items)?

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Sometimes a little spoonful of honey on toast does it for me.

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Have a piece of fruit for dessert.

Or yogurt with fruit.

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Yogurt and granola might be an option. Like I said, fruit doesn’t do it for me (satisfy the craving). Perhaps, honey on a crumpet, as well.

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A small square of dark chocolate.

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Honey, Truvia ( an excellent sugar substitute ), chocolate ( with at least 70% cocoa, and NOT milk-chocolate ), etc.

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Dates, bananas, plain yogurt with a bit of vanilla extract, fresh fruits, granola, and dollop of honey.

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If you’re not militant about zero sugar, one of my favs. is the whipped Yoplait chocolate Mousse yogurts. Mmm. Their whipped Key Lime and creamy Lemon Merangue are to die for too. I always have about 10 Yoplaits in my fridge.

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Too bad this is not in Social.

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Actually, it’s all in what you make yourself get use to. I use to be a non-smoker when I was younger, so I determined that I could be a non-smoker again. That’s how I quit smoking! : )

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Don’t cut the sweets out of your diet completely. Once a week treat yourself to half your normal serving of your favorite sweet.

Consider it a reward for being good the rest of the week.

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Oh, I plan on treating myself once a week. Irish breading pudding on Sundays. :)

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Have a glass of Almond Silk milk with chocolate. It is sweet on its own and will taste like Yoohoo. The almond milk is only 50 calories and non sweeten or semi sweet dark chocolate is good for you.

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Yeah. I’ve tried to cut out all sugar and carbs. It lasted for about a month and I craved sugar. All. The. Time.

Life is short. Sugar is yummy.

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Xylitol is a sweetener that tastes and looks almost exactly like sugar, does active good for you (like helping prevent tooth decay), is much safer for diabetics because it’s low-glycemic, and is lower calorie than sugar. (If you try it, be aware that it may take some time for your guts to adjust to it; it doesn’t bother me at all but you may vary.)

Basically, I use it instead of sugar, and don’t have to cut out sweet things when they’re sweetened with Xylitol.

One of my favorite tricks is to mix Xylitol, unsweetened cocoa powder, extra-virgin coconut oil (which is not as bad for you as people think), grated unsweetened coconut, and toasted almonds. It’s a liquidy goo because coconut oil has a melting point of about 76 °F. Then I drop spoonfuls of this onto wax paper and stick it in the freezer until it’s solid, storing them later in a plastic bag in the freezer. They’re like healthy candy bars.

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Fudge candy made with Sweet ‘n Low is not bad.

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Have a piece of cinnamon toast. With just toasted bread, a bit of butter or Smart Balance (non hydrogenated) Buttery Spread with a sprinkle of cinnamon (not a cinnamon sugar mixture).

You can also add a sprinkling of cardamom (or Kardamom, hee hee) to some fat-free plain yogurt and some pureed strawberries and a pinch of fresh mint leaves. You can throw all of this into a blender as a smoothie, or you can just combine the ingredients (preferably the day before, so the flavors have a chance to permeate and combine) to eat with a spoon.

Eat some unsalted pecans (pecans have a much sweeter flavor than most nuts) with some dried cranberries. Either just by themselves, or put them onto your favorite non-sugary cereal. I don’t tend to have much of a sweet tooth, but cereal with milk can usually stop a craving for sweets once it starts.

I don’t know if you can get Clemmy’s Sugar Free ice cream where you are, but this is one of the tastiest ice creams I’ve ever tasted! Unlike most sugar free ice creams, this one does not have any weird off flavors or aftertaste or strange gritty texture. It’s smooth and creamy and fabulous!

You can also add a little bit of Coconut Milk to your tea or coffee for a sweet treat with no sugar.

You might also find that once you stop adding sugar to things, after a few months, you won’t miss it very much any more. When I was in my pre-teens my Mom stopped putting sugar in our tea, now I can’t stomach the idea of putting sugar in tea. Same with coffee. You’ll really learn to taste certain things like tea and coffee and cereal, better, once you omit the sugar.

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What I do to treat myself without refined sugar or HFCS:

-Coconut Milk, Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk
-Organic Honey Oat Granola Bars
-Raw Honey (Sometimes I just lick it off a spoon…usually, I use it as a topping on my coconut ice cream with a sprinkling of cinnamon…I alos have it in a mug of hot water)
-A bowl of organic chocolate rice cereal with chocolate coconut milk

If you find yourself craving sweets more than usual, it could be that you need one more small meal/snack added to your day. Often deprivation increases cravings.

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@Jude Sorry, I didn’t read your nixing on fruit in the details. (You may find that changing after about a week.) Hunt’s Snack Pack Sugar-free Puddings come on Chocolate, Vanilla and Caramel. They have about 60–70 calories ad are quite good.

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Warm buscuit with honey or maple syrup on anything. My father loved maple syrup on ice cream. Sweet plus calcium.

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@Adirondackwannabe Ok, now I’m craving waffles with maple syrup!

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@Kardamom Read my mind. I love maple syrup! Waffles sound so good right now.

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@Adirondackwannabe I drink it straight from the bottle, haha. Pure Canadian Maple Syrup!

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@Jude We use Canadian syrup to wash out our equipment before we put the good NYS syrup in the containers.:)

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Hahaha! Brat! ;)

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@Jude You must be in a good mood. Glad to hear it. :) If you don’t know syrup guys, that was a huge insult. Love you lady.

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edited by me

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Toss this sucker into social.

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@Jude Yay. Waiting to get my butt modded but I’m having too much fun to quit.

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@Jude This is going to be sacrilege (sp) to some cooks but Pillsbury makes biscuits in a tube (350 or so for 20) that are excellent with honey.

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I used to mix corn syrup and butter together and spread it over bread. Deadly.

@Adirondackwannabe I need to send you some pure maple syrup from the land of beer and beavers. :)

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@Jude I deserved that. LMAO. My father liked brown sugar and a little milk on pancakes.

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Guys check out the grammys right now.

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Nobody yet mentioned that @Jude should just lick her lips. She’s super sweet!

Watching the Grammys right now, crying

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A whole wheat English muffin with a little strawberry jam. I say this as I am getting ready to eat some peanut M & Ms. Bad!

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A bit of dark chocolate really does the trick.
My local convienience store started selling individually wrapped, individual chocolate covered cherries again. YAY! I buy one or two, and that does it for me.
The problems come in when you buy a whole box, or a whole candy bar or whatever.

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Oh, also, if you get chocolate, suck on it. Don’t “eat” it.

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Stevia chocolate or stevia chocolate cookies.

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