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What are the most surprising/funny political stories you've ever heard?

Asked by wanwan (8points) February 12th, 2012

if you’ve heard about surprising traditions, facts, funny things, (or just things that you find crazy) in politics either in your country or abroad, please share it !

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This is one of my favorite stories of a dirty trick in a campaign.
Back in the 1968 Presidential campaign, Humphrey and McCarthy were neck and neck in a primary election state.
Two days before the election, a mailer arrived at the addresses of the residents of that state. The mailer said something to the effect that Humphrey was a convicted child molester, and the voters should be aware of that before voting. The mailer ended by saying it was from the McCarthy campaign.
Humphrey came in second in voting. McCarthy came in third. That primary was won by the actual sender of that mailer, the Wallace campaign.

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Once there was a not very bright Congressman from Philadelphia. He decided that he wanted a TV for his new Wash DC digs. He went home to Philadelphia and bought a TV, When he showed it to his staff, one of the bright young things said, “Why did you wait to buy it until you could go home?” “Why, the Congressman said, so I could get a TV that got the Philadelphia channels, silly”

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Teddy Roosevelt fought a heavyweight boxing champion in the Oval Office.

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Somewhere in team of Team of Rivals there is a story of Abe Lincoln physically throwing hecklers out of a meeting. Literally picking them up and tossing them out the door.

I don’t have the book handy to check, but he was either a Congressman or running for Congress at the time.

Not a good idea to irritate a 6’4” farm-raised guy back in the day.

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I’m always awed by the story of America’s first President George Washington’s action immediately after the first inauguration. He walked with the Vice President, the Senate, and House of Representatives and company from Federal Hall in New York City to St. Paul’s Chapel for “Divine Service.”

This same church, St. Paul’s, where Washinton and our nation’s Congress prayed together at the beginnings of this nation, survived the terrorist attacks on America on September 11.

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When Jean Cretien (our Prime Minister du jour) got hit in the face with a pie because that’s how we protest in Canada.

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George W Bush was having breakfast with Dick Cheney. The waitress asked for their order. Mr. Cheney said, “I’ll have the oatmeal with a side of whole wheat toast.
The president said, “I’ll have a quickie.”
The waitress said. “That’s disgusting! I’m really insulted! You’re as bad as Mr. Clinton!” and she left the room.
The vice president leaned over to the president and said, “Uh, Mr. President, that’s pronounced quiche.”

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The quotations of both Benjamin Franklin and the anecdotal retorts of Sir Winston Churchill are very funny and wise.

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