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If my dad was born in September, 1962 how old would he be now?

Asked by likipie (1459points) February 12th, 2012

I know it’s pathetic, I don’t even know how old my father is but my mom’s asleep, I SUCK at math and I can’t remember if he would be 48 or 49.

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2011 – 1962 = 49 years + 5 months = 49 years & 5 months.

What grade are you in??

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I’m a sophomore in high school! I just royally suck at math. Seriously. I still don’t know my times tables well. It’s not my forte.

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Haha. He’s 49. :)
I like how you can remember the year he was born, but not his age..

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@likipie Do you like sports? I first learned math from football scores. 6,3,7 etc. Worked for me. Or basketball, 2’s and 3’s, Don’t sweat it. He’s 7 touchdowns if they hit all the extra points.

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As a Sophomore in high school, you should know basic subtraction and addition (and multiplication and division) backwards and forwards.

Second year in HS I suspect your class is covering algebra and geometry (at least). How do you handle that?

Do you have a diagnosed learning disability? If not, you should get yourself a math tutor and (maybe) be evaluated.

These are very important building blocks you don’t know.

And you’re not “pathetic” – you just need to get some help with this stuff.

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It is very easy really.
I was born in ‘67 and I am 44.
So add 5 (‘67 minus ‘62) to 44 and you know the answer.
You only need to remember my age and year of birth now :-)

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What I do: start from the next round year: 1970. Count (on your fingers is okay) 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010. Forty years. Then add the eight years from 1962–1970 (you see how that’s eight years?) 48. Then you add the years since 2010: 2. That means in 2012 he turns 50 (48 + 2), but it’s not September yet so he’s still 49. I’m pretty good at math but the dates still get me!

(Alternatively, look at pictures from his last birthday and count the candles on the cake!)

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The best way to get better at this is practice, and a lot of it. You can’t avoid addition and subtraction in life, and multiplication is just as important. (There is actually something called dyscalculia, but I’m not diagnosing you).

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BCE or CE?

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I graduated high school in 1962 and that was 50 years ago. Your dad would be 50, on someday of this month of 2011.

Ooops, 2012.

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@john65pennington It’s rough getting old, isn’t it?

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I’m a few months older than your dad. I’m 50

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Try using your fingers for problems like these. Stick one finger up on one hand for each decade and then use the other hand’s fingers for the years that have passed.

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I actually sometimes have problem remembering how old I am, and I have it easy. I just add thirty to whatever year it is now. The only way I can figure out ANYONE else’s is to count it out. I know- pretty sad. I just consider it a personality quirk!

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You have 7 months to get ready for a milestone birthday for your father.

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You can make the figuring a little simpler by taking the months out of it. Ask how old he’s going to be on his birthday this year. That way it’s just a year-from-year subtraction. September 2012 – September 1962 = 50.

Then you ask if he’s had his birthday yet this year. Is it before or after September right now? If it’s before (and it is), he hasn’t had his birthday yet. So—he’s still 49.

I doubt that you suck at math—meaning you don’t have the ability to do it. I think you just haven’t learned it. That’s a very different matter: ignorance, not inability. It’s curable.

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Depends on when this question gets answered…..

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2 years younger than me today….54 or 50 when you asked this question

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I want to know if you had a “Half Century Party” for him. He would have turned 50 in Sept 2012.

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