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Should I be an actuary?

Asked by rossmcf (16points) May 22nd, 2008

Is it worth polishing up my maths skills and taking the plunge? Alternatives are academia, IT consultancy and (scientific) software development.

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Insufficient data. What job characteristics are most important to you. Salary? Enjoying your work day-to-day? Advancement potential? You need to rate the factors in importance and then check the answers for those professions.

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Yes. (I’m going to guess that it’s the answer you’re looking for…)

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(deleted a way too negative response)

Just be careful and pick something you like that make you more than an easily replaced cog in someone else’s machine. Outsourcing is a real threat to information processing jobs of all kinds.

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Only if you want to. Not because anyone expects you to and not because you feel you have to become one to make a decent money.

In other words, do it for yourself if you want to. Not for anyone else and not for the money.

Even if you do become one and don’t like it, you can always switch careers. Education/training isn’t really wasted is it? You will have learned something new in the process.

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I LOVE Math, majored in Math, and I HATED my wasted decade as an actuary. If you really love Math, you will NOT dig a career as an actuary. There is interesting math on the early exams, but after that it is mostly finance and economics. Despite the promotional efforts from the SOA, you hardly ever use mathematics on the job as an actuary. And that is the truth.

Be a teacher or professor if you really love math!

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