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How did you prepare to be a Master of Ceremonies?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 12th, 2012

What is a good master of ceremonies like? What do they do? Have you ever been one? What kind of event. What things did you do? How did you fill the time at your event? Who were you introducing?

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Yo, when I’m on the mic I just kick it freestyle:

Yo my name is GladysMensch and I’m the ladies choice
Take ‘em on an odyssey like I was James Joyce
Catch ‘em when they start to swoon from my golden voice
Cause you’re a Chevy Vega and I’m a Rolls Royce

boom-boom Bam, ba-boom-ba Bam, wickie-wickie

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Just riff on Ed Sullivan and you’ll ace it, Jake. ;-)

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I have MC’d a number of events. I always have a few funny stories to kill time as needed. I keep a few note cards with one or two words to remind me of each story so I don’t forget if I get nervous or things are running too long. The number and length of stories and quips is based on the length and type of event. I also use one of the note cards to mark down any special announcements the sponsor wants me to make in the course of the production.

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Thank you @Kayak8. What kind of events have you MC’d?

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@wundayatta Sorry to be so slow to respond—modem has been out all week. I have MC’d awards programs, various concerts, music festival type gigs, etc.

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