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Are you ready for a Chat Room Party Version 3.0.1 this Saturday?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12680points) February 13th, 2012

Version 1.0 was jam-packed with activity.
Version 2.0 was pretty awesome.
Version 3.0 was not jam-packed with activity.

To help fulfill the goal of spreading the news of the existence of a chat room, I hereby declare the creation of a third and a .0.1 installment to our series of Chat Room Parties!

The time shall be 5:00 PM US Eastern Time, 2:00 PM US Pacific Time, 10:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time, 3:00 PM US Mountain Time, and 4:00 PM US Central Time on Saturday, February 18, 2012.

The location, of course, will be our very own Watering Hole!

Spread the word and be there! I want to break some records with this party!

This party is set way in advance (compared to last time), so everyone should know about this time.

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Will all those times be am times?

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You had me excited at first. I was thinking they upgraded the chat system.

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haha. :) I’m in… Maybe. If I remember. XD

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@digitalimpression That’s what I thought with @PhiNotPi‘s last question. Oh well!

Weekend chats don’t work for me, but maybe some weekday one I’ll try to join in.

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I’m guessing you mean 10 PM Greenwich Mean Time. 5 PM EDT Right?

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PM, all PM. I should have said that originally.

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@PhiNotPi – Maybe you should ask the mods to send your question back to you for editing. Except for in the USA, in most other places in the world, 2:00 means the middle of the night, and 5:00 is when they milk the cows. Just sayin’... :-/

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@HungryGuy The great cultural divide strikes back.

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If I can remember. ;)

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So where is everyone????

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@HungryGuy I don’t know.

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Badadada. Badadada.
Nanananananananana. Nanananananananananananana. Batman!

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