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What is the silliest thing you've heard today?

Asked by AshLeigh (16310points) February 13th, 2012

Hello my lovely Jellies!
I have the silliest history teacher in the world. She is talking to me about her love for cheese right now. O.o
what’s something silly/weird you’ve heard today?

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Um…following! The day is young!

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Well, I’m on the internet, so I’ve seen a lot already.

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@Blackberry That can’t count!! If it could I would say “Spanking your children lowers their IQ!” Silly.

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Not spanking your children lowers their IQ.

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Some of the stuff in this thread is pretty hilarious from today.

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I overheard a conversation between a mother and a toddler. The mother was explaining that it’s really special to give people homemade gifts and cards, because it shows that you took the time to make them because you care about the person. The toddler insisted that he really preferred to buy cards/gifts—what a silly goose!

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Smacking a baby’s diaper to make a loud noise to scare them as a form of disclipline.

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‘Mommy, I made you a jumping flea!’ He has been working on his origami today, home with an infection… :(

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I hate to be the wet blanket, but I see three responses regarding a particular thread on this site. I think that if you want to disagree with someone or tell them you think their arguments are silly or ridiculous, TELL THEM ON THAT THREAD. I think talking about it on some other thread that was meant to be a lighthearted and fun question puts a mean spirited vibe into this thread that wasn’t supposed to be nasty in anyway.

I like most of what you post, @zensky. But how am I supposed to have fun here when you’ve gone in and made a somewhat snarky comment about something I said in another thread in earnest?

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I just think it’s silly – @keobooks – and since we’ve never “spoken” to each other before – and that thread was way too long already – I just wrote it here. I have no problem “telling it to your face.” Spanking babies is wrong. Period. Spanking them not hard enough to hurt, per se, but to make a loud noise to frighten a baby is, well, stupid.

And the question was: What is the silliest thing you’ve heard today?

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Can that debate NOT bleed over into this, what promised to be a sweet, light hearted thread?

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I don’t mind your saying that. You’re probably right that I said something stupid.

I DO mind that three people took the argument to another thread that was supposed to be goofy and fun. You, @digitalimpression , and @AshLeigh dragged the muck from that thread over here. And I think that’s poor postmanship (or whatever)

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I can only speak for myself. And as soon as you post something – it’s out there and open season. I haven’t read up and I am not part of a group or conspiracy here. By the way – if you think it’s stupid – then you’ve learnt something. Which is a great thing. People too often entrench themselves and stick to their guns, despite being mistaken. That’s one thing I love about Fluther in the many years I’ve been here.

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Silliest thing I’ve heard today: When I pointed out that dragging arguments from one thread to another was rude, they suddenly felt the odd urge to tell me they weren’t part of a conspiracy. WTF?

Pssst.. I am not part of a conspiracy or secret group either. But I wouldn’t mind joining or starting one.

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Ya got me.

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OK. so now we are even. But.. if you ever want to START a conspiracy here, look me up. If there are secret decoder rings, I am in.

Here is the silliest piece of news I read today. Those little wise looking silent tarsiers are actually screaming.

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We got a new employee today. They want me to train him. Hahaha…

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Wacking a newborn on the butt to make it cry.

Is this an early form of assault?

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I swear I am not involved in this ^.

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This is one of the silliest things I’ve seen today, and I want one. It is exactly, my kind of silly.

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The Vice President of a small insurance company saying she didn’t know/understand retiree insurance.

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I didn’t drag anything over here. I haven’t even read that thread. Don’t tryo to pin this on me. I was completely unaware we were even talking about another thread.
seriously, I asked this question because I’m having a bad day, and wanted something light and cheerful to help me feel better. so no more fighting. kaythanks.

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Sorry @AshLeigh it was a bad timing and bad coincidence. Someone on that thread specifically mentioned IQ and spanking. Then @digitalimpression linked to the site immediately afterwards, so I thought you were both talking about the same thread.

Here is some more silly news. Someone thought they captured live video footage of a real live woolly mammoth. But it turned out that it was just a bear with a fish in its mouth.

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I stayed away from that thread. Looked like the house of mayhem.

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Apparently, when the news broke about the dog that bit the news anchor live on tv recently, one news station told viewers that this was a prime example of big dogs being out of control. Actually it was a prime example of how humans need to learn to read canine signs that they are unhappy with the situation before going in to kiss a dog they don’t know. Makes me so fucking mad.

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oh,please, nobody wanted to know that

and I do not read The Sun. I just stumbled across this…..sooo stupid.

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At work during lunch, we really had nothing to say. We started talking about umbilical chords, and what it would be like to not have it removed. Then we started getting into all these dumbass scenarios how it would be alive, and you could drink with it, by sticking it in juice or wtv, and it would start absorbing the liquid and pump it into your stomach and shit. It would be all alive and creepy, and then we got really retarded and started saying how you could fuck yourself with it haha.

It’s more completely retarded than silly, but we had huge laughing fits during the whole lunch break.

Also some guy went and told us that deserts are man made in order to hide the truth about Egyptians, and how pyramids provided electricity to people who were 57348920 times more advanced than we can ever dream of being. The government doesn’t want anyone to know, apparently. Not saying I know for sure about pyramids, but why would one random guy know that? I found it silly indeed. I think he just wants us to think he knows so much and is on to everything. He’s always talking about conspiracies and stuff that never makes any sense. He would be pretty good at writing fiction screenplays and shit though, I must admit.

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Someone on Facebook asked if it was true that you can buy stuff from the internet using your credit card, and that the CD DISC slot was where you put your credit card in… Then she said it only takes round cards…. lol

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@partyrock that made me laugh out loud. :) In the middle of class. Haha.

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@partyrock Oh good god, it’s true. Someone is that clueless? Kidding Really hope that is a joke.:)

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@Symbeline, the pyramid thing is going to have to be my answer for this quesiton. Please, don’t say retarded like it is some kind of like, uh cool slang. It is really offensive to me and to many other people who know someone who may have a brain injury or have mental retardation. : ) I’m sure you didn’t realize how it could sound to some people. Thanks.

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This in itself is not funny or weird. But is does illustrate how weird the world can get.

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My fish died today and I made it a coffin with gold tissue paper and spread his fins out. Then I wrote on a piece of paper “Boots: Loving Friend, Doting Father, Fantastic Fish.” and posted a picture on Facebook with the caption “Boots and Whitney, Two Legendary Voices, Gone Too Soon.”

And they say I have too much time on my hands.

also a lot of the nit-picking y’all are doing in this thread is way silly. But not the fun silly. My eyes are in danger of rolling out of my head.

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^ Hear hear.

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Haha. @redfeather, that’s amazing. Sorry about your fishy though. :(

Today… I named my Pillow Pet after Wundayatta.

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@redfeather, cousin Boots gone to the celestial goldfish bowl? And I didn’t even know he was unwell. Please pass on my condolences to little Slippers and Sneakers :-(

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@redfeather Sorry for your loss. Here’s a hug for you and a wish for you to get a dozen roses.

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That Newt Gingich uses more than 10% of his brain.

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Thank you all for being there for me during this trying time.

@Adirondackwannabe I didn’t get a dozen roses. You’re slacking this year.

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@redfeather I went with the mixed bouquet, I liked it better. I left it on the passenger seat in your car.

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@Adirondackwannabe there’s only an empty water bottle, siiiigh…..

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@redfeather You’ve been violated. Someone stole your flowers.

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Imma knife someone in the kidneys.

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Me: I’ll read what’s going on at Fluther, but I’ll logoff after 5 minutes. (That was an hour ago!)

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