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If someone created a game for PC and had a website they wanted to put it on so people could play it, how would they accomplish that?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) February 13th, 2012

I realize this is a complicated question, since there’s probably a lot of code-talk in any detailed answer, but I’m asking anyway.

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Do you have a game that you want people to buy and download and install on their PC to play it (like Portal)? Or does the game just run from the page that people view (like Angry Birds)? Or does the game run on your server and you want people to be able to play it online (like Runescape)?

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For games coded in Flash, I’d try Newgrounds. If it’s a downloadable title, I’d try Steam.

It’s all about marketing, though, if it’s a downloadable title.

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Pretty simple actually, either you’d build the game in flash and make it playable online to visitors…. or you make it downloadable to install on the visitor’s local machine.

Either way, make sure you’ve got the bandwidth to cover it.

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To answer HungryGuy’s question, I want to know how both would be possible.

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If you have a game that runs as an app on a PC, and you want people to be able to download it and install it, you need to upload the software as a ZIP file or EXEcutable onto your site, and then create a link on a page on your site so that people can download it.

It looks like this:

<A HREF=“”>

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If you want to write a game that people can play in their browser by going to your site, then you need to write the game in HTML and Javascript (or some other browser script language, but Javascript is pretty universal).

My Edge Play game is an example of such a game.

PM me if you want the link to the game.

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If you want to write a MMO game that runs on your server that people can play online, then you need to write the game in PHP and MySQL. But now you’re getting into serious hard-core programming that’s daunting even for professional web developers with college degrees in computer science.

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