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Will this happen in the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit? (see inside).

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) February 13th, 2012

Apple is sueing Samsung over copyright enfringements, concerning their Android feature on Samsung cellphones. Apple is stating that Samsung did not have permission to use their patented device in Samsung cellphones. Question: if Samsung loses this case in Federal Court, will the Android cellphone feature be taken away from current owners of Samsung Android cellphones?

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No. Once it is in your hands it won’t be changed. But future phones would not have that feature.

But they’ll settle. It is in neither of their interests to fight it to the death.

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There is also the matter of who Apple buys chips from. You guessed it; Samsung.

Worst case scenario, current Samsung phones won’t be affected anyways, so I wouldn’t worry to much, especially since they almost have to settle. To do otherwise would be stupid, especially for Apple, and if Apple tries messing with current Samsung products, that invites trouble for all of the Samsung products wearing an Apple logo…. like the iPhone.

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Ultimately, this is just a battle over how much each side has to pay the other and for what. As @jerv notes, they already trade services to produce their phones. If Apple wins the lawsuit, your phones will stay the same and future phones almost certainly will not be affected. The result will be nothing more than a change in the accounting.

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