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Needing classy business names for a female chauffeur driver?

Asked by raelene (14points) February 14th, 2012

Starting out with 1 female 1 car, wanting to find executive clients CEO’s & possibly their families etc, don’t really want just airport transfers, also possibly celebrities , singers, actors

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Eudaimonia, perhaps? Or maybe Eurhythmy?

Do you want to emphasize that you are a female chauffeur?
Would this be retainer work, or taxi work?

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Miss Daisy Drives

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Helen Back We drive you around the bend

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“women drivers!”

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A Woman’s Touch

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@marinelife – that sounds like a massage parlor or a whorehouse. Or both.

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@elbanditoroso You have a dirty mind.

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@elbanditoroso Or the title of the forthcoming biography of the first female President of America.

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@rebbel, could be all three at the same time…

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Don’t give me a GA on my answer. That’s not classy at all. It’s pretty sexist. I flagged it and I’m just waiting on a mod.
@raelene I would just use your name. Raelene’s. I like that.

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Miss Daisy’s Driving

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Like Adirondackwannabe said, Raelene.

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‘Road Queen Limosine’
‘Ms. Lady’s taxi service… statistically safer than male drivers’

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Diva’s Driving Service!

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-She Go

-Lady Livery

-Raelene’s Ride

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Road Fems
Top Down Transport
Mommy’s Driving
Road Hurriers
Something Special Up Front

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Oh yeah, classy….
Two for the road… no that’s not it.
On Your Way
No, no, that’s not it…
Diamond Line TransfHer

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Ovaries on Wheels

What? What?!

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Chaufferellas’ Coach
Leave your Pumpkin at home lol

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Drive You Crazy. (just kidding)
Lady’s Taxi
Raelene’s Taxi Service (Oh, dear. No)
Raelene’s Transportation Service RTS for short

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@raelene In the state you’re located in, how many characters can you use on your custom license plate? No matter what you choose, it should be catchy & easy to remember. It might be good for the name to fit onto your plates.

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On the Way with Rae

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Pink Cadi
You won’t find us ‘lacc’ing!

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Delightful Transport

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Your target clientele doesn’t seem to need a name that suggests the gender of the driver to attract them.

Who cares if you’re a female driver? I don’t. What I care about is getting somewhere safely or cheaply or fashionably.. depending on my need. Being a female doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that except colloquially, women are often considered worse drivers.

It’s just not a big pull unless you’re offering something you couldn’t get from anyone but a woman driver.

Something like “Rue Jane – The safe ride home.” would be fine. Doesn’t say anything about the female driver. Just a nice sounding, pretty name for a company.

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@ZEPHYRA I see your pop culture reference and raise you one nerd-cred.

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Woman owned businesses are a very good thing. I would just use something like for instance
Julia Watkins, Professional driver. That will make the client and community awaire that it is a woman owned business. I would definitely support it.

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