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I'm driving from NJ to MS pretty soon. What should I see along the way?

Asked by Blackberry (32554points) February 14th, 2012

I’m leaving in May to go to a school down there for about 10 months. I wanted to do some hiking or run through a wide open plain, if there’s anything like that, lol.

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Ahahahahhhh! I wanna see you run through a wide open plain! lolol Please photograph.

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I did this drive in reverse, from MS to Philly. Make sure to take The Blue Ridge Parkway through the Appalachians.

I would suggest starting out along the coastal route ( and running on the beaches in MD.) rather than driving inland. Then head west to the mountains.

I would also, unless you are a glutton for punishment, avoiding the congestion when driving through the DC area.
Jefferson’s Monticello is worth a stop and a tour, however.

Too bad that this is not a very pretty time of the year for this trip..although things will get more spring-like as you head south.

If you look at the Rand-McNally atlas, it will have the scenic drives and hot spots marked.

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Savannah, Charleston, The Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.

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That Parkway looks awesome.

@deni Noted.

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Sorry. I note that you are doing this drive in May, when everything will be gorgeous in the areas we are talking about.

Ashville, NC is also very beautiful with stunning resort architecture (The Biltmore )

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Agree with @gailcalled about Ahseville. Kin I come along?

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If you get a chance you should stop at South of the Border

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@janbb Sure, you and Deni can both come.

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In parts of east TN there is white water rafting, which I have always wanted to do. I haven’t been to Ashville, NC, but it is supposed to be very nice to walk around and there should be hiking nearby in both places.

If you go a little out of your way to Memphis, Graceland is a must see. Also in Memphis the Civil Rights museum is fantastic. Many things to see in Memphis actually, if you think you will venture over this way, I will give you all the links and recommendations.

And, Monticello is a nice tour as @gailcalled suggested.

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Ooh, I see Ashville was already suggested. My internet was down, so I just posted what I tried to post a while ago. Sorry for the repeat.

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@mrentropy I love that place! I used to reach the area at 2 -4 in the morning and I could see the glow in the sky from their signs 10–15 miles away. Once there, it was like you were in the Rocket City Nebula. It was so bright you could not see the stars.

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Anything you want, do and see. How much time do you have? What’s your route? Natchez Trace is a nice ride with places to stop and check it out.

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South of the Border is awful. I used to love it when I was little, and then I went about 7 years ago, and I could not believe how bad it was. Anyway, I doubt he will be driving in that direction, it would be way out of the way.

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Spend some time along the Blue Ridge in Smokie Mountains. Plenty of hiking there.

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@JLeslie The awfulness is what makes it awesome.

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