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Did anyone ever have a lemonade stand?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) May 22nd, 2008

If so, how old were you and how much did you make?

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Oh yea, it was a regular ritual. We also sold koolaid. We even used to do little carnivals with booths and charged admission. I can’t remember how much we made exactly, a few dollars. We would divide up the money and walk to the store to buy 5 cent candy bars.

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no. but i always wanted to! i was so sure i would have made good money with it, because i would have gone to the houses nearby where there were tons of construction workers at that time. it was hot, and lemonade would have been perfect. another thing to regret in life :( jk lol.

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Yes, when I was a kid. Never made more than a few bucks, but it was always fun. My middle daughter has had a stand a couple times with the same results.

I will go out of my way to get lemonade if I see a kid with a stand set-up.

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@ rickmarshall. ditto. i love seeing kids take an initiative like that! plus they all look really cute standing there :)

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No, grew up in Miami, where we would have likely been seen as voluntary victims to a drive-by heist.

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Yes, but I lived on such a busy road that no one ever stopped. We would stand there like we were customers, pretend to buy the cold beverage we were offering and then drink the kool-aid and yell out “Oh this is so good!”

Now a days, I’d like to be that nice person who stops at kids lemonade stands and grabs a cold one, but I worry that might seem weird being an adult stopping in a random car, ya know.

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No, however I did stand on the corner giving out free water. Why my parent’s didn’t stop me I have no idea.

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Free water from the hose? From a pitcher? Was it cold water?

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I grew up in NYC. I had the idea one summer to do a lemonade stand in the playground with a sign that said “50% of profits to go help the homeless” – I sold WAY more lemonade than I ever did otherwise! I think I ended up giving a whopping $14 to the homeless shelter nearby…which to a 9 year old seemed like a ton of money at the time!

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@Playthebanjo: cold water from a pitcher with cups; it was a hot day. I now say I did this for those who were walking or running by but really I was just weird.

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@hollywoodduck, the kids running the lemonade stand are wanting and hoping to have adults stopping in random cars to purchase their product.

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I did a few times as a kid, I never actually built a stand and all, but had a fold up table and a big poster board sign, at 25 cents a cup, probably made about $1.25 on a good day lol
that was forever ago though, I was probably around 6 or maybe at the latest 8 when I used to do that, ahhh the good old days

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