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Help. All my youtube ads are Scientology!

Asked by zensky (13380points) February 14th, 2012

Yikes. What’s up with the cult “Church?”

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They want YOU!

They’re going to get you, convert now, the message is clear.

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What did you put on YouTube that made Scientologists like your links?

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It is because your Favorites folder is full of Tom Cruise movie clips ;-)

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That must be it! In my defence; To err is human, @rebbel to arr is pirate.

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I find that the advertisements that appear on my computer are directly related to the searches I do using Google and Yahoo. When I want my pages to be filled with beautiful beach scenes, I do several searches on Beach resorts – and it works.

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I know what you’re saying Yarnie – but I swear I haven’t searched for anything remotely… well there was the Tom Cruise Mission Impossible stunt scene – he does his own stunts in the movie you know – but I digress – but youtube is literally infested with scientology ads – both on the side and within the clip. No matter what I search for now…

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Maybe Ron put a bug in your emails?

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Now I’m getting it even in ultimate guitar tabs – what ad do you see here

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@zensky I got a Consumer Cellular ad…I think you might have a bug.

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Damn. A Tom Cruise bug. My first. How to kill it?

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You are getting sleepy! You are getting sleepy! You will not resist! Resistance is futile. The force is with you!

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Aliens…..Do you feel sore in the back side?

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Always, but that’s neither here nor there.

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You’ve handled this before in past lives, @zensky. What did you do then?

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You made me laugh. They are zombies and want to eat your brains. :-)

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Update, or is that Stardate? They have left me for warmer pastures and have been replaced by the usual hair products ads.

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Captain’s Log?

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