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Is there anywhere I can watch movies online without charge?

Asked by MilkyWay (13723points) February 14th, 2012

I’m feeling a bit frustrated as any ‘free’ website I click always comes up with those annoying ads and ‘fill in this survey’ lock things.
Are there any good websites without these annoying buggers?

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there are usually several sources for each episode/movie.

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Try your local Public Broadcasting station on TV. No ads. Watching ads is what you “pay” for a “free” movie.

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Well, of course you – or someone you know – is paying for the internet, so no, not free :)

Having said that, if you’re prepared to look for films for free – I’m assuming recent films? – then you might as well use a torrent site and download them.

There are, however, a few sites that allow you, legally, to watch old movies:
Hey, sometimes the old ones are the best!

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@ragingloli Nope, no good :/
@Sunny2 I already did that, but didn’t come up with much I’m afraid.
@Rheto_Ric Lol! Thanks for that. I don’t mind downloading them at all, I just don’t want any stupid surveys to fill in.

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If you happen to have xfinity/comcast at home as a cable provider, you can get their app online and watch movies and TV series online for free.

Some of the networks have free movies online I think, ABC, NBC. I know you can watch TV online on the network sites.

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Try Crackle. I’m not positive whether you need an account to actually watch.But regardless, sign up should be free. Although you may have to deal with ads during the movie.

XOIIO's avatar is the best, always use links. They have the best servers.

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Yep, as @Rheto_Ric says, sometimes the old ones are the best! has some AMAZING stuff.

Just picking two
Roger Corman classic about a nerdy flowershop clerk who grows a giant, man-eating plant. Jack Nicholson makes his film debut as a dental patient who loves pain.The Little Shop Of Horrors

A ditzy socialite finds a homeless man for a scavenger hunt and then hires him as their butler.
My Man Godfrey

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sure I know a way. You ask someone who pays for the service for their userid and password.

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yeah, Cuevana works well :)

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well at least the prompts you see on your search are “fill out the survey” and not “FBI Warning, you’re visiting a piracy site”.

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@elbanditoroso Oh yeah, because you are going to go to prison if you watch a pirated movie. They never do crap about it.

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@XOIIO – no, I meant you could watch them for free in prison, because they don’t charge admission for movies there

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@elbanditoroso Ahh, thought you were trying to make some lame comment and then imply that it hurts the industry and all that usual stuff.

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I like They have movies and TV shows, It’s free and they have a big selection.

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Thanks :)

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@JustCallMeMom I tried fancast and it seems to be defunct now. Sad.

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