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What is a good metaphor comparing potato chips to love?

Asked by pcmonkey (424points) February 14th, 2012

Yes, I know this a weird question but I’m writing a metaphorical poem comparing love to a potato chip.. For example, An onion is a moon wrapped in brown paper.. You know, because the moon represents romance, etc. I don’t know.. I understand this question is quite random and stupid but please help me out. I’m trying to make my own version of this with something other than an onion:

I’m not going to publish this poem anywhere so it’s not copyrighting or anything like that. Thanks again for any help you can give.

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Well…once you get started with potato chips, it’s hard to stop.

They go well with all kinds of things.

They come in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes—variety is good—but they’re all pleasing, except the occasional dud.

There’s no stealthy way of eating them.

You can find them everywhere. You only have to look.

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Our young love is as crisp and fresh as a brand new chip.

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Love is like a potato chip. Once you open the bag you have to take the time to enjoy it all the way till the end because if you leave it unattended either someone else will come along and steal it or it will go stale.

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There is plenty of chips in the sea.

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Yes, but I need an actual metaphor.. A potato Chip is a ______________… Something that relates to love.

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A potato chip is a wonderful treat that often leaves a salty after taste that makes you crave more.

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A potato chip is a delightful companion.

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My love for him/her was crushed like a potato chip when I saw him/her with another.
My love is a bag of crushed potato chips.

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@Pcmonkey, than you would be comparing the potatoe chip to something else that compares to love. Not actually comparing the potato chip.
Maybe this will work. The potatoe chip is like the sand on a beach, full of salt and easy to get stuck to your fingers and once in your mouth, easy to choke on.

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Love is like a potato chip. It’s very fragile, tends to leave a messy aftermath if you’re not careful, but still leaves you longing for more. You want to consume the chip, before it consumes you.

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Our love is a potato chip; once you eat it, bits linger between your teeth.

Our love is a potato chip; once you eat it, your fingers are greasy.

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It’s hard to know when to stop.

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What does that ad say about potato chips? Bet you can’t eat just one? Don’t tell your lover that, though. But it’s true. You can’t eat just one… potato chip, anyway. ;-)

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Better with a glass of wine.

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So many bags of chips everywhere, all so random and infinite. You see them, you pass them by, sometimes you get some, sometimes you get a lot. Sometimes you shy away, fearing for your diet, your health, your well being. Sometimes chips can be scary. Wild Zany Duck Roast Spicy Inferno flavor? What the hell is that? But it may intrigue you…who knows what kind of new wonder they can add to your life? Or perhaps you stick with the classics. Can’t go wrong with right.

Chips. They’re everywhere. You say you have your favorite, and probably you do. How can we not, in a world filled with so many different chips? Some day though, you find that one very special bag. Either you get it everyday after work, or it’s discontinued and you no longer have it, but you’ll always remember it. Maybe you just get it out of habit. Maybe you stay loyal to that one brand because you really just fuckin love it.
Hope that helps a little, I don’t really understand metaphors that much though, unless it has to do with zombies.

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Love is a potato chip, leaving you wanting more. A little is never enough. You want it all! Now!

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Love is like a potato chip, you have no idea what it’s made up of.

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Wow! @Symbeline, your passage left me a little flushed : P

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A potatoe chip is a fragil heart that can be crushed into a million pieces?

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I hate to say but I think there is no really good metaphor comparing love to potato chips.

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“My potato chip heart, fractured into a million pieces by your uncaring tongue.”
@Skaggfacemutt I think it’s brilliant.

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