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What did you do that's special for this Valentine's Day?

Asked by jca (36054points) February 14th, 2012

What did you do for your family or significant other this Valentine’s Day? Did you go somewhere special, or give them something fun? Or receive something nice? Or have dinner in a nice restaurant, or cook some good food at home? Do tell.

I took my daughter to McDonald’s and we opened presents that I gave her (little crafty things and a Fancy Nancy tee shirt and Fancy Nancy nightgown, and a few stuffed animals) and gifts that my boss gave the two of us, and then we looked at what she got from her classmates in preschool. Then she played in the play area for a while.

What about yourself?

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Took out my cannon and shot it.

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No significant other, so I just went to painting class instead and worked on my still life. I went to dinner after that and then painted a little bit more on my out-of-class project (an homage to David Hockney). Thought about going to starbucks but I went to crossfit instead and got my ass kicked. Came back and took a nice hot shower and ate cookies after snatching a neat piece of guerrilla art off a wall I’m pretty sure my art professor is actually the mystery artist. Then I started reading some fucking Gadamer which is the most convoluted horseshit I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s like he ate every single big word in existence, vomited them up on a page, shredded the page, and then glued it back together into a massive tome about hermaneutics and godknowswhat. And I have to answer questions on it too. :(

@WestRiverrat OMGWANT. Where did you get it?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard any good gun shop should be able to order you one, unless you live in Illinois or California. It is a .50 cal scale model of the 24 lb guns of the USS constitution.

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@WestRiverrat how much, if you don’t mind my asking? What kind of projectile does it shoot?

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Nothing. Today has been a horrible day. Not really related to Valentine’s Day, but still.

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I made a kick ass lox bagel sandwich.

then went home to cry in front of redtube

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I cooked for my wife and daughter…

Boneless rib-eye steaks with a balsamic glaze, seasoned asparagus, and roasted garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes.

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^I’ll have what he’s having.

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@Michael_Huntington but hey, at least you had lox. Thats a SILF if I’ve ever seen one.

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@fundevogel Haha! That’s a cool shirt

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Flowers for my wife and chocolates for wife and kids. And holy schmoly! This year, I got some chocolates, too!

When did steak become the lover’s meal?

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I asked someone to be my valentine, but they never replied =/

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@wundayatta, for me when I moved to the middle of the country. Around here live lobsters are hard to find, but there seems to be a beef cow on every corner.

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I enjoyed letting my oldest grandson’s girlfriend sneak into the house and leave him a Valentine.

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I failed a Biology test.
I’d say I had a successful Valentine’s Day this year.

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Performed 2 heart catheterization procedures.

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@Dr_C: Were the patients a couple? Now that would be romantic.

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We didn’t do anything grand. In fact we just had a pretty regular day. The thing is, our regular days are wonderful.

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I had a wonderful valentine’s day. I made my S/O homemade fudge, he really loved that and a few other little things. We spent the whole day out going places. And had a very nice dinner at a japanese restaurant! Very nice day! :3

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My husband got me flowers, actual planted tulips so I can put them outside later. We got the kids each a card and a chocolate heart, and after they went to bed me and my husband had a great dinner alone. Crab cakes, steak with onions and peppers, asparagus risotto, and garlic bread. I gave him an assortment of candy and the newest Twilight movie, which was a joke because we both hate those movies. We ate our nice dinner while we had some drinks, watched the Twilight movie, and made fun of it. Then we finished the night in true Valentine style, just like we did on our first Valentine’s Day 14 years ago. It was pretty great!

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