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What's a good thesis statement that incldes the word torture?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) May 22nd, 2008 from iPhone


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Professor Riser, at Fluther U, recommends a large book warehouse of sorts—a library—where you can obtain knowledge through legitimate sources and stretch your educational muscles.

Good luck to you.

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“Coming up with a thesis statement is akin to torture.”

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Check out this similar question and answers from six days ago, please.

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I just need one sentence that is a thesis and has torture in it

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You’ve established that already.

Your thesis should answer this question: Overall, what thought do you, iCeskate, have about what you’ve learned about torture? What do you notice about the phenomenon of torture? The rest of your paper should provide evidence to support that thought.

Use your brain and figure out what your thought is about what you’ve learned. If you have too many thoughts, pick one that is more important than the others. If you don’t have any thoughts, then revisit what you’ve learned or read up some more on your subject.

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