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Is Fox News becoming more center?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) February 15th, 2012

First, Bill O’Reilly defends Ellen, and then I see this. Although they squashed that dissent pretty quick, do you think Fox will start to become a bit more objective in the future?

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Maybe they are freaked out at the mess tehy have made of the primaries? Their lemmings are getting harder to herd and the cliff is looming!

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What if Fox News actually supported Ron Paul by covering his compaign? What if News stations actually did their jobs and didn’t bow to ratings by being sensationalistic whores? What if indeed.
Its called whoring to the public and nothing more. Fox News would need to get a whole new set of owners that actually cared to deliver real objective news and not pander to the parties they support.

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@Pandora Yeah, the Ron Paul endorsement ruined it. But I don’t think it’s propaganda to suggest what he did. I think it was pretty accurate (which is probably why he was fired).

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I actually don’t mind Ron Paul compared to Mitt Romney. But did he get fired? If so. Than he was probably told that he was going to be fired before he decided to rant. I just found it annoying. I don’t like the news being editorial. I just like simple plain to see facts. I’m not saying all his points where wrong but it sounded like a scar tatic all aimed at big government. No, its not perfect but no one has found a better way of making a nation work. So till that day, I don’t think we should run through the villiage setting bodies on fire. No point to that. I do agree that polls are rigged to make people believe a certain view. That is for certain. I think media should be blocked on election day and not allowed to make the numbers know in a tally until the winner is announced.

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Judge Napolitano has been pushing Ron Paul for quite some time now. His show has been basically a campaign site for Ron Paul. It is rare that the Judge would even have a guest that wasn’t pushing Ron Paul. I suspect the obvious campaign for Ron Paul along with slipping ratings was simply too much and that’s what cancelled his show. This particular rant is not much different than you would hear in any other of his shows.

It’s too bad, I like the Judge and if he’d stuck to pushing the Libertarian agenda, he would have done better. Stossel is a Libertarian and he tends to make some excellent points along those lines. He just doesn’t push Ron Paul constantly.

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Well, Glenn Beck is gone. It’s a start.

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More center? Is that anything like “less radical right”?

If there are changes – and I am not sure there have been, consistently – they are microscopic.

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Slightly, but they were far enough to the Right that they are still far from neutral. But yes, they are drifting to the Left.

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I heard a piece on it on NPR a few weeks back. I don’t remember it well, but I had the impression they thought Fox was moving towards the center, and that they were doing it for financial reasons. This made no sense since they said that the shows that were leaving were making tons of money. Maybe I heard something wrong. But in general, I believe in following the money. Is there a financial reason for them to move towards center? Is the profit leaving the right wing?

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Maybe Rupert wants to be able to take bids from a larger market than the insano ultra Right wing. He’s getting on in years.

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The economic bread and butter of FOX News is extreme, unabashed ultra-right political viewpoints. They may be nuts, but they’re not necessarily stupid.

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Nah. I think they’re just toning it down b/c the voice that’s saying “news is full of $#!+ is getting louder and louder as time goes on.

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I’ll just leave this here…

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@jerv I think this is the definition of “Checkmate”. Lol.

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Thanks, @jerv. Like I said. Follow the money. Fox has been losing audience, and the news report @jerv linked to suggests that they are moving to the center in order to expand their audience, especially in some key younger demographics that CNN and MSNBC are doing better in.

Interesting that those two are getting the younger audience that generally gets most of it’s information from the Internet. Clearly, you want to build your audience when they are young in hopes they will stay loyal all their lives.

Young people, I suspect, tend to be more liberal. They are more likely to be getting an education, and the educated are also more likely to be liberal. Long term demographic trends, perhaps, favor liberalism. This bodes well for our country, and given that FOX likes to make money—I’m guessing there is a good chance they will continue to move centerward.

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@wundayatta It’s like they woke up & realized that all their viewers are a bunch of old white guys that have one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel (as my gramps used to say;)

The tea party is essential dead. Whereas the occupy movement has moved from the streets, to the Net.

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@wundayatta The funny part there is that the Right is so sure that they know all about money and spend a few years pushing that agenda only to realize that sustainable growth requires them to move to the Left. I see Fox’s shift to be an ironic metaphor.

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I don’t know if I’ll EVER be able to respect myself if Fox becomes progressive. I might actually have to watch it! ;op

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@GracieT I don’t watch TV news, period. Don’t have to worry about your little potential dilemma!

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@wundayatta, Good point. I don’t either, but I run into TV in many of the businesses I patronize and they sometimes have Fox News on, as does the father of a good friend.

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