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What cheered you up so far today?

Asked by gailcalled (54577points) February 15th, 2012

How about the world’s smallest chameleon, about the size of a pinkie finger tip?

See this and smile, I hope.

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Good-bye frost. It’s funny how 36 F can feel so warm…

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I just returned a PM from a fluther friend. That cheers me.

yes, i have a few friends here… one or two… maybe one… maybe

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We got to see our newest little one (and his/her little heart beating) in an ultrasound today.

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Hearing a cardinal belt out his territory-claiming song as I walked out of the house this morning. Every year, this very same thing astonishes me anew. It could just as well be an angel’s trumpet.

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NJ voting to legalise same sex marriage.

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@Blackberry Not to bring you down, but it only passed the Senate; The governor has promised a veto

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I’ve only been awake for about a hour so coffee is still cheering and waking me up. I was cheery yesterday I won $50 on a $1 lotto ticket! Woo Hoo! :-D

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Checked facebook before leaving for class, and saw that a three hour lecture was cancelled. Best present ever.

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@thorninmud Oh god, it hurts.

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The fact that writing out this school paper is coming to an end.

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My son humming away whilst drawing delightful pictures.

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Seeing a flock of winter robins picking the dried cherries off this tree.

Cherry tree in spring

My neighbor claims to have heard the white-throated sparrow singing, but I need a second hearing to verify.

I have forsythia in bloom in my grandmother’s cobalt blue glass vase (seen in my avatar <====. I brought them in last week to force and today I have my reward.

Usually the first harbinger is the conk-a-ree of the red-winged blackbirds, but I will keep an ear out for the male cardinal.

@thorninmud; That would be a joyful noise, I agree.

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Watching my little girl ride a pony in her horse lesson. She loves it so much and she’s only 3 and does so well. I love how much she loves it.

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“Cheered you up” suggests I was glum beforehand, which to be fair, I wasn’t.
However, my dawg made me chuckle when she chased her tail while out for a run.

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I went to IKEA. Nothing beats IKEA. Had buckets of Coke there, too. Little hyperactive now.

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I just got a text message from my boyfriend asking me how I am. Also, I had lunch with a good friend who I haven’t seen for awhile.

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I don’t have anything specific, but I do want to say, that chameleon kicks ass. So that little guy cheered me up right now. ^^

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I love the chameleon too @gailcalled. Thank you for sharing with us. It is very sweet.

I haven’t been miserable at all but my husband came home, that always brightens my day. Sad and soppy but true.

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^Adorable! Thanks for sharing that delight!

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@SpatzieLover – No problem. I thought it’d make others smile too!

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