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Have you ever led someone on knowingly?

Asked by newtscamander (2843points) February 15th, 2012

And if you have, was there a point at which you decided to put an end to it? Did you tell him/her? Can you justify your own behaviour?

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I can’t remember ‘leading someone on’ deliberately. There have been times when I have let things progress when I am not sure it is where I want to go, but I haven’t deliberately led someone down the garden path with the aim of hurting them or playing with their emotions.
I’m too transparent and honest to do that. I’d feel very bad about treating someone like that.

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I have not. It’s not my style.

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I have never led someone on knowingly, that I can recall. Are you talking about a specific kind of situation? This isn’t going to reignite the Santa Claus debate, is it?

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I have accidentally led someone on before. It was never my intention, we were good friends and I thought we both knew that’s as far as our relationship would go. He didn’t think the same. Once I found out he felt as though I was leading him on I stopped acting the way I usually did around him. It has since led to the end of our friendship.

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Never intentionally or with malice in my heart.

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Only my dawg, but she doesn’t mind.

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@dappled_leaves Well, just a few hours ago, I had this conversation in which it became clear that my-can’t really define him as partner or such, my date,maybe…-thought I had stronger feelings for him than I really have. I told him honestly what I felt. But it got me thinking about all this “leading on”.

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I have a lot of male friends… and with that, sometimes being friendly comes off as being interested, I fear. If this happens, the friendship usually fizzles out once they realize that I’m not interested in being in a relationship with them.

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Regretably, I have.
I was in love with someone else, and still got into a relationship with him. It only lasted two months, because I realized he was head over heals, and really thought this would work out. I couldn’t see it. I ended it then.
Worst thing I ever did.

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No, I have never done that intentionally.

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Not intentionally. I had a lot going on at the time. Was still grieving over the lost of my father and still had feelings for my ex. So I met a guy and I think I was using him to forget about other things. I did love him, just not as much as he loved me. I hated breaking his heart. But he found someone else and last I heard they are still married.
Nope I never told him why it didn’t work out. Well except for the fact that I didn’t feel the same. But at the time I don’t think I really understood that I was using him as a crutch. I think what drew me to him was the fact that his father was dying, and I understood the pain he was going through. He did help me move on and stop feeling sorry for myself. I regret having been another person to add grief to his life as well at the time. But life is weird and you just never know which way its going to take you.

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I once had a guy much older than me get all wild about me. I was young and didn’t see it coming. When I started realising he was actually meaning all the stuff he was saying…I started avoiding him…this was at work and he was my boss. see at work we all of us joked at each other and I didn’t think nothing of it…i guess he finally figured it out and started to stalk me at work….way weird..he even came up behind me and hugged me up like it was heaven for him…other people seen it and knew I had a boyfriend and I was so embarrassed and pisst. Anyway I found out that even though it wasn’t my plan to lead him on…I had in his eyes…He seemed like he was in lust and love with me…He was old enough to me my dad…actual his daughter was 2 years older than me….but what ever, sometimes we just have to watch the way we talk and joke to some people.

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I confess, as an adolescent, I may have misrepresented my intentions in order to get into Caroline Fabiani’s pants. But that was 20 years ago. I’m not like that any more.

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I have, but I didn’t follow through. I backed off. I mostly wanted to see if I could.

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