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What is something that you have taken for granted?

Asked by autumnofage (465points) May 22nd, 2008

For me it’s the option’s of food that I have. I had my wisdom teeth taking out on the 14th and although it’s still a bit hard I spent almost a week eating only a few liquid type things. Nothing really solid or filling and it definitely made me appreciate how I normally have the option to crave and have many different foods.

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I think we all take a lot of things for granted. Life in general. The fact that we have food/shelter/family etc. But currently, the thing most on my mind are my hands. I am addicted to my computer, and I recently got diagnosed with carpal tunnel :(. So I wish I had been more careful and taken more breaks. Oh well, I can still fix it by wearing this uncomfortable splint for a couple of months! why am i still typing? I have no idea

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Whenever the power goes off (which it does a lot in Florida in the summer, I am reminded of how much I count on electricity—although most of the time I never give it a thought. There I am with no cordless phone, no TV, no computer, and I can’t cook either. Oh and did I mention no A/C, which can literally be a killer for the elderly and small children?

It starts to pall after about three hours of wavering candles. Trying to read books by candlelight? I am more impressed with Abe Lincoln that ever.

It would be an incredibly different world if we did not have electricity.

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Marina’s answer reminds me of how recently our microwave broke down. We never realized how often we used it and how badly we needed it (from oatmeal to popcorn to those tv dinners) until it broke. Now we are very careful with handling the new microwave!

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Indoor plumbing and the DVR.

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Free time and sleep more than 6 hours (can’t seem to do it any more but I miss it)!

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I take for granted the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet…and that I live right across the street from the ocean. I walk out on my lanai (patio) and there’s the ocean. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up with work, everyday stress, etc.

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A sample of things I formerly took for granted but can no longer do: whitewater river rafting, skydiving, skating, bowling, playing pool, throwing darts, motorcycling, driving an automobile, dancing (OK, I was never a very good dancer), running, walking, standing in one place, at 6“2”, hovering over most people in a crowd (now in a wheelchair at 4’whatever”), hugging my girlfriend tight and taking her feet off the ground, doing darn near anything with my right hand/arm with the left gettting progressively worse, strength, energy, opening a bottle of wine {hell…opening anything including a door knob), inserting and turning a key, being able to write legibly, being able to type with more than one finger, being able to help clean the house and work in the garden, an incredibly challenging and rewarding career, to name just a few.
Things I might have or did take for granted, but no longer do so because I’m losing these too: coughing, swallowing, breathing, living.
My recommendation to you: don’t take fucking anything for granted and never, ever stop counting your blessings.

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Bless you, whatthefluther, you are so right. I will not take for granted the words of wisdom that you have written here.

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My parents, certain friends/family members, and education.

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Having a mom…it really sucks going through milestones and seeing everyone else with their mothers. I’ve forgotten what having a mother feels like and I wished I had appreciated it more when she was still around, but I guess I was too young to realize what a gift it was to have a parent that cared for you.

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@Kay I am so sorry. A child should be able to take the presence of their mother for granted.

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