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If there was a political party/-streaming for people that are not exactly sure what to think about these or those issues would they be big?

Asked by rebbel (24988points) February 15th, 2012

And would you consider voting for them, maybe even join (working for) them?
As opposed to most other parties that are headstrong in their policy, would such undecided-as-of-now-party not be a fresh breeze of air?
Could they possibly get much more done, get better, broader appreciated results, because they would be more willing to negotiate with other parties to come to workable policies?
And to make it a light(er) question: What could they call themselves?

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It would have to be a few super controversial issues, but in general I would need to know where they stood on general issues.

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They would be opinionated on all issues, yet they leave room for doubt, they don’t claim monopoly on wisdom.

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I don’t think so… I think people want leaders who will be decisive on most issues, and they want to know which way their leader will move in specific situations. The problem with the undecided voter is that they don’t know what to think about a specific issue – I don’t believe that it follows that they want a leader who is just as undecided.

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I’m not sure I want to vote for someone that says they’re not sure what to do.

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No. I think the unsure are looking for leaders to show them what to think.

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I want my representatives to know more about (or at least have people that can be consulted and who know more about) issues than I do. A large part in my choice is whether a particular political party agrees with me on issues I am quite sure about (e.g. because I have expertise in that area), hoping that they will decide the same as I would do if I would have had expertise on other issues.

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I think that if you could get all the clueless Americans into one political party, you;d have a huge majority party with no effective platform and no chance of winning any elections. It would be rather like the proverbial meeting of the Anarchy Party. The difference would be that instead of fighting over every possible issue, they would all meet and agree they have no position on any issue and in fact don’t even know what the issues are.

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