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What's the deal with oversized sweaters?

Asked by chocolatechip (2999points) February 15th, 2012

Is there actually any difference between so called oversized sweaters and sweaters that are simply worn a size or two too large?

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Haha not much a difference. In the fashion world though, calling it oversized does state some kind of style. As a medium oversized style might be equal to an extra large regular sweater. American Apparel does this often. However, there is slight difference in the arms and length ratio.

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Earthgirl I eagerly await your response. =)

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They are cut looser and longer. It’s just a more easy, sort of slouchy looking sweater. If you go up a couple sizes the neck may be too big.though some of these necks are pretty big! I notice that a lot of them have over long sleeves. As a person with long arms I love that! It’s sort of a “boyfriend” look. It’s also got shades of that 80’s “Flashdance” vibe.

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Whoa indeed @Earthgirl I’m ready when you’re ready!

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(oversized on purpose) The Small in this

Will not measure equal to a small hanes sweater

The first link provided will fit much looser.

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ha ha!! I was trying to send some links to you but the urls are too long and I don’t know how to do that thing with the link to shorten it!!! Do you know how? I just googled oversized sweater and there are lots of nice styles.! I like this look.

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@Earthgirl Go like this “put words in here for a description” then add : followed by the link here (no spaces)

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I love oversized sweaters. On a really cold day, it feels like your wrapped in a blanket without walking around with one. I have two that are so soft and comfy that I love to wear when I visit my cousin’s home. She has a large house and it is often drafty. Its nice to be able to walk anywhere and feel warm and toasty without getting over heated. Sweaters that fit perfectly sometimes can make me feel smothered and hot. So those I usually buy are a bit thinner and a cool breeze can be felt going through the fabric. If I buy a thick close fitting sweater than I get hot and can’t get out of it fast enough.

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Ha, Ha. I would never try to make any sense out of clothing industry sizing, or fashion in general.

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Comfort and style! But mostly comfort and plus if you look good in an oversized sweater you probably look good in anything. I honestly think “oversized” is just a matter of phrasing… but Earthgirl seems to get it.

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Oversized people.

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That is like a question I asked on Answerbag two years ago.

What is the difference between XXL and 2XL?

I could see no difference.

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john65pennington Every company sets it’s own sizing standards but most are in the same ballpark. Some cut bigger and some cut tighter. For example, Banana Republic and J.Crew have a younger customer base and are more fashion driven so they tend to skew to a smaller sizing. J.C.Penney is a good mainstream resource, very middle American. They tend to be more generous in sizing.

When I try to determine sizing for my work I often look at the J,C. Penney specs. here it says 2X is 2” bigger in the chest than XXL. This doesn’t hold true for every company but it tells you that they are not always the same size. You just have to go by the inches and ignore the size label!

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