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Does it take respect to get respect?

Asked by vitro (369points) February 15th, 2012

Point 1: A government is an entity that uses violence to achieve its goals. For example, if you don’t want to pay taxes, you go to jail, if you refuse to go to jail, you get a gun pointed at your head, and then you go to jail.

Point 2: I’m not sure what word to use here, but what do you call it when an entity lumps together the entire human race instead of judging people individually? The word is not racism because that involves differentiation of the various races, so I’m not sure what you call this. However, just because there are some unethical people in this world, does not mean it’s justified to associate and regulate innocent people with those who are bad. That is in a sense disparaging the entire human race because of a few bad apples. A form of institutional racism I would call it.

Main Point: Republicans as well as liberals, progressives, democrats, and the likes are government supporters, which means that they’re supporting violence and institutional racism (whatever the correct word is) on innocent people. They use force to make decisions for you without your consent. Most of all, they never heard of you or seen you.

So the question is does it take respect to get respect? Do you respect those who don’t respect you? Is it even possible to respect someone who doesn’t respect you, especially when violence and racism is involved?

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Just to add two things in case anyone tells me that anarchy is chaos and that I should move to Somalia, a new scientific study shows that People Behave Socially and ‘Well’ Even Without Rules

In Somalia, evidence shows that the transition from government to free-market is progressing greatly. As with any transition, it takes time, but progress is being made. Just an example, Anarchy in Somalia

This is a separate issue though. Topic is respect/disrespect.

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Respect is a two way street, no doubt about it.

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This is a big part of why we have a Constitution, to protect the rights we own as human beings against the statists, who think that they have the right to make our decisions FOR us.

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We do elect those people to make decisions for us, though…

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I didn’t elect anyone. Neither did a handful of other people that I know.

Why would I elect someone to use violence on me or anyone else? To tax me? To regulate me?

I wouldn’t, which means someone else elected such a government without my consent. Consent wasn’t needed, just a mob rule to win the overall vote. The actual use threat of violence by the government started in 1918. That is when the first official fixed and progressive income tax was implemented.

Now if someone decided what is best for me without my consent, and with the use of violence and institutional racism, that is blatant disrespect. How can I ever respect someone like that?

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You have to be respectful of others, no matter what you think of them, in order to get respect.

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Woah, woah, woah!

A government governs with the consent of the governed in this country. The laws are put in place to assure the safety of all of the people.

The government is a creation of and extension of society. Laws are necessary for people to live in harmony in the society.

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No, we elect them to properly interpret their tasks in the light of the Constitution, not willy-nilly to buy votes.

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How much power do we really have to choose our representatives now, though? It takes a lot of money to campaign and run for office.

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Exactly, and that’s contrary to everything I believe in.

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I might add that many, if not most of the laws created today are created not by elected officials but rather by the bureaucracy of government. Most of government is on auto-pilot and plods along regardless of who we elect. If we fired the President and all of congress, the bureaucracy would continue with little discernible difference.

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Right you are, and most of the bureaucracy should be dismantled and the buildings in which it was housed burned to the ground, then plowed under and turned into public parks!

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@vitro Then it seems to me you are in the wrong country.

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I’m not arguing about the country. I’m arguing about the lack of disrespect people have for other people that they never seen or heard of before in their life. Yet they find it acceptable to lump you in among the uthetical people and have the nerve to elect a violent force to see to it that you behave according to their perspective on how things ought to be rather then treating you as an individual and allowing you to live your own life the way you see fit providing you don’t harm anyone in the process.

It’s like as if I told your boss to fire you because you’re unqualified, yet I never met you before in my life. Would you take kindly to that?

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Just because you try to give respect, does not mean that you (as an individual) will be respected.

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I learned a long time ago that you do things for your own reasons, and without any expectation of reward or recompense. I am responsible for behaving in ways that are congruent with my beliefs, regardless!

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I think Shakespeare said it best “to thine own self be true”

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