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Does it take respect to get respect?

Asked by vitro (369points) February 15th, 2012

Point 1: A government is an entity that uses violence to achieve its goals. For example, if you don’t want to pay taxes, you go to jail, if you refuse to go to jail, you get a gun pointed at your head, and then you go to jail.

Point 2: I’m not sure what word to use here, but what do you call it when an entity lumps together the entire human race instead of judging people individually? The word is not racism because that involves differentiation of the various races, so I’m not sure what you call this. However, just because there are some unethical people in this world, does not mean it’s justified to associate and regulate innocent people with those who are bad. That is in a sense disparaging the entire human race because of a few bad apples. A form of institutional racism I would call it.

Main Point: Republicans as well as liberals, progressives, democrats, and the likes are government supporters, which means that they’re supporting violence and institutional racism (whatever the correct word is) on innocent people. They use force to make decisions for you without your consent. Most of all, they never heard of you or seen you.

So the question is does it take respect to get respect? Do you respect those who don’t respect you? Is it even possible to respect someone who doesn’t respect you, especially when violence and racism is involved?

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