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How long are your bike rides?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) May 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

we do 9 miles 4 days a week

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12–25 road miles, twice a week.

7–10 mtn bike miles, few times a month.

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@robmandu sounds like a good workout!!! Is biking a good way to lose weight??

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~10 miles 3x a week on mostly level trails. I also run 2+ miles a day in lieu of biking or on days off.

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Usually 5–7 miles, 4–5 times a week.

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at a minimum 5 miles of commuting to work each day, but will going to an fro to run errands and such, i probably bike 10–15 miles a day. on the weekends i normally do a big ride anywhere from 40–60 miles at least one day. sometimes a smaller ride on the other day….15–25 miles.

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@2late2be, well, I seem to get the biggest weight impact by combining two of the three triathlon activities in a single workout. For example, ride 15 mi, and then transition to run 5k immediately (called a brick).

Riding alone doesn’t impact my weight much. Not bad for maintaining, though.

I’ll tell ya, I’ve seen some really large muchachos that are actually some very fast riders. So while biking might work great for some, it’s not a sure-fire weight loss tool for everyone.

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I MTB 2–3 miles when I feel like it and have the time. (Maybe once a week or so).

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Until I fall off…

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Before I stopped working for health reasons, I’m hoping to get back again soon, I bicycled to work four days a week, 13 km each way, for a total of what is the equivalent of around 16 miles. My bike is my personal mode of transportation unless we do things together socially, then we usually take the car.

I love my bike.

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As much as I can when I can :)

Usually 10–15 miles 3x week, plus a 30+ once a month
I sneak in a few more short rides when and where I can…

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I have done a max of 20 miles once.

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