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How do I set up a business page in Google+?

Asked by syz (35506points) February 16th, 2012

I haven’t played with Google+ much at all, but I understand that I should probably create a page for my business to help with search optimization. I always knew I was illiterate when it came to computers, but trying to set this page up has me completely flummoxed. Can anyone walk me through what I need to know (and no, Google’s directions aren’t helping at all).

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Do you currently have a Google+ account? If so, there is a “create a google+ page” link in the lower right (leads to this). Then it walks you through it.

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@tom_g Yea I agree, Google walked me through it just fine. The main thing is you need a Google + account already.

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I just created a Google+ business page to see what it has to offer. All I see is photos, hangouts, profile and circles. That does not seem like much of a business page. Does Google offer anything else?

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Well what you want is a Places page. Here’s a crash course:

First you need a google account. If you have a gmail address, that’s your google account (and your email/password for gmail is your google account credentials for all google products).

So if you’re signed in to google, first do a search for your business, and click on the Maps tab at the top . If you see the listing for your company in the Maps results page, click on it. (if you don’t see your company there, skip down to the “If you don’t see it” part below.)

Up in the top right corner, click on the “Business Owner?” link. From there you’ll pick the “Edit my business information”. At that point, you can edit the page, add or remove information, almost like a facebook profile. You can also then take ownership of the page so no one else can edit it, and you’ll have instant access to it. But before you finish up the profile and take it over, Google will require that you verify you really own the business. It’s explained well enough when you get to that point, I won’t do into it here or you can PM me for more info.

Anyway, if you don’t see your listing when you Google your biz, click on your name in the top right corner of the window. Click “Account Settings”, then Products in the left pane. You should see a Google Places button on the page, click it. (or you can go to On the right, click the big blue button that says Get Started, under “Claim your business listing on Google”.

Follow the steps and use any help resources you need along the way and make sure to create a robust profile with every option utilized. Again, you’ll be required to verify your business ownership before it’s published on Google.

Good luck, update us with a link to check out your new page when it’s done!

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@gambitking Thanks. I’m not really impressed with Google+ so far, but maybe I’m not doing it right?

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@svz, I live and breathe this stuff, I do SEO full time and I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the web marketing scene (or at least I try). And you’re not alone in being put off a bit by Google+.

Even I don’t see any traction there, it’s not near as robust as Facebook.

While I believe Google+ and the social network in general will become more important soon, even within the next few months, you’re not missing much by avoiding Google+ for now.

Spend your marketing efforts on your Google Places page, developing great content, optimizing your website and building a business presence online. Build up your facebook, twitter and linkedin profiles first, worry about G+ later.

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