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What is the best place to study Spanish in Mexico?

Asked by theabk (683points) November 9th, 2006
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Oaxaca is usually a great place but there is a lot of political unrest there right now. I've heard it's a lot cheaper in Guatemala-- there are a number of language schools in Xela.
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I would agree with Oaxaca--lots of readily available language schools, lots of easy starting dates. But right now, politically unstable?
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Camping on the beach at Sayulita.
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Oaxaca, but I'd check out Guatemala also. I had a very good experience in Antigua (and now, finally, am pretty fluent). If you're of the more 'alternative' mindset, check out Lake Atitlan (San Pedro, San Marcos). Guatemala is also A LOT safer than Oaxaca right now, but it's all relative down there.
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agree on oaxaca and xela. i studied in xela and its really cheap....dont go to antigua if you dont want to be around a million gringos... xela also has a huge international scene, but its bigger than antigua....
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san pedro is cool as well and lake atitlan is amazing, but be prepared for an intense hippie scene.... like where phish tour left off
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xela the town is bigger is what i meant

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