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What is this musical instrument called?

Asked by AshlynM (10610points) February 16th, 2012

I saw it on an awards show on tv once.

It’s looked smaller than a digital keyboard. The guy operating it was sliding some sort of knob on the front the instrument back and forth to produce the sound. It had the layout of the black and white keys, but I’m not sure whether those were for looks or you could actually play those as well.

Any ideas?

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You did not talk about the sound the instrument made. Are you talking about the theremin that was used by the Beach Boys at the Grammy awards?

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Also there’s an instrument the singer uses here from the band Grizzly Bear go to 2:00

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Hammond organ?

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I think this is what I saw, something similar to this. Thanks for your input everyone.

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Theremins are mentioned on the simpsons.
A friend of mine makes them.
Was also on the Big Bang Theory.

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Theremins have also frequently been used for some of the eerie sound effects in Science Fiction movies. They do have an otherworldly quality to their sound.

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